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Pretzel Fundraising ideas for schools and churches
Pretzel Fundraising ideas for schools and churches
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we have to pay anything before we start our fundraiser?

No. There is No Money Up Front needed to start your fundraiser.
We offer 3 options to pay:

  1. We can hold your check for 30 days before cashing it (We take the check info by phone or Fax)
  2. A purchase order from a Public School or State Run Organization - billed in 30 days.
  3. Any major credit card (Receive an extra 10% FREE booklets - 20% total free booklets). This gives you plenty of time to collect the money before getting a bill from your credit card company. (Charged at purchase time)

*20% Free is for payment with a credit card - If paying up front with a check receive 15% Free booklets. A $20 processing fee may apply to checks held for 30 days.

For a more detailed description of our “No Money Up Front” payment options CLICK HERE

Q: How much does each booklet cost?
A: Each booklet costs $20 and raises $100.00. You Keep $80 per booklet!***You Get an additional 10% FREE booklets on your first order for a total of 90% Profit ( 80% + 10% = 90% Profit!) Or pay up front and receive 20% FREE booklets to maximize your profit.
Q: Can we return some booklets if we don’t finish them all?
A: Yes, you may return 10% if they are unscratched (within 30 Days). Free booklets cannot be returned for credit.
Q: Can we change the coupons, because some of the sponsors are not in our area?
A: Yes, you can choose to double up on the coupons that you do have in your area, or choose to substitute local merchants. *A $30 fee may apply for custom coupon changes. For More info contact your local ABC Fundraising® distributor.
Q: Can the coupons be used outside of my local area?
A: Yes, the coupons we provide can be used in your entire state. If you choose to add local merchants, those coupons may only be used at the store on the coupon.
Q: How Many scratch dots are on each booklet?
A: There are 50 scratch dots ranging from .50 to $3.00. Receive 1 coupon for every 2 boxes scratched.
Q: How long does it take to get the booklets?
A: Your booklets should arrive within 1 week. Rush delivery is available.
Q: How long should I run my fundraiser?
A: We suggest running your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks.
Q: What is the minimum number of booklets I can order?
A: There is no minimum order. If you want your logo on the booklets we require a minimum of 10. Orders under 10 must be paid for up front with a credit card or money order.
Q: Why is there only one coupon sheet in my booklet?
A: Sample booklets only contain 1 sheet so you can see who our sponsors are. Your actual booklets will contain 30 full coupon sheets! One full coupon sheet for every two dots scratched plus five extra sheets as our gift to you!
Q: Do I need to be part of a group or a non-profit organization to do this Fundraiser?
A: NO. Scratch and Help can be used by anyone (group or individual) who needs to raise money !

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Fundraiser Sponsors
Raise money with the help of the national sponsors above.

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ABC Fundraising® is the internet's #1 resource for school, church, and non profit fundraisers! We have helped over 25,000 schools, churches, youth groups, sports teams, fraternities, and countless other types of organizations raise over 30 million dollars since 1993. ABC Fundraising® is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau with an "A" rating!

Request your FREE FUNDRAISING SAMPLE now, a value of over $100, and receive it within 1 week!

About the ABC Fundraising ® Free Sample Package:

The ABC Fundraising® Free Sample Package provides information on the top fundraisers available in the United States today. You will learn how to run your next fundraising event and earn up to 97.6% profit with no money up front! Request your FREE FUND RAISING SAMPLE Now!

Your sample package will include answers to Frequently Asked Questions, about our fundraisers which include The Scratch & Help® fundraiser, our brand new Cookie Dough Fundraiser with 70% Profit as well as Spinners™, the World's First Re-Usable Fundraiser with up to 97.6% Profit & No Money Up Front. You will also receive a sample of the ABC Fundraising Card®, which is the most profitable pizza fundraising card in the country.

Please Take a minute and request your FREE FUNDRAISING SAMPLE Now! Our fundraisers are 100% guaranteed to bring in a huge profit for your school, team, church or non profit organization!

Below is a brief explanation of our fundraisers.

The ABC Fundraising® Cookie Dough fundraiser offers up to an amazing 70% Profit and there is absolutely no risk involved to start this fundraiser. We provide you with FREE order taking brochures to make your fundraiser quick and easy. The Chippery® Cookie Dough we provide for your fundraisers is the best tasting cookie dough out there. We tried a half a dozen other cookie dough companies and settled on Chippery® for the great taste and variety they provide. Our cookie dough fundraisers will help your group raise a lot of dough!

The Spinners™ fundraising program is the worlds first re-usable fundraiser and is by far the most profitable fundraiser on the market today. The average group member can earn $210 with absolutely no money up front.

A group of 30 fundraisers will earn an average of $6000.00 with The Spinners™ Fundraising Program!

Spinners™ are made of high quality plastic, similar to a DVD case and wont perish, melt or fade. Supporters simply spin the arrow which lands on various donation amounts ranging from $1 to $4. In return for the donation the supporter receives a sheet of coupons from our national sponsors which inlude Target®, Jiffy Lube®, Pizza Hut® and many more. When you run out of coupons simply call our office at 1-888-212-1344 to request new coupon pads to fill up your Spinners™. The cost of new coupon pads can be as little as $5 each. This will make your future fundraisers even more profitable than your first. Plus, ABC Fundraising® guarantees that all of your Spinners™ coupons will be accepted at every merchant on the coupon sheet in the entire United States.
Spinners™ comes in 4 colors: RED, BLUE, GREEN, and PURPLE.
Spinners™ is patent pending and only available from ABC Fundraising®.

The Scratch & Help® Fundraiser has been our longest running fundraising program. We have provided Scratch and Help® Fundraisers since 1993. With 90% Profit and no money up front you can easily see why these fundraisers have been so successful year after year. You can choose from 4 different colors to match your school or teams look. The 4 colors to choose from are RED, BLUE, GREEN, and PURPLE. Order a FREE FUNDRAISING SAMPLE today to find out why ABC Fundraising® is your best resource for all of your fundraising needs.

Below are some great resources to help you find the fundraiser that is right for your group. You will find information about all kinds of fundraisers including soccer fundraising programs, cheer fundraising ideas, high school fundraisers, non profit fund raisers and many other kinds of fundraising programs. We have made it easy for your to plan your next fundraising event and make it your most profitable fundraiser ever!

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Since 1993 Abc Fundraising® has been providing school fundraisers, church fundraisers, soccer fundraisers, cheerleading fundraisers & fundraising ideas.

Call 1-888-212-1344 to speak to a fundraiser consultant. We can answer your fundraising questions from 9am-8pm est.
After hours we can take message for a fundraising representative to return your call the next business day. For the most profitable fundraisers and fundraising ideas remember ABC Fundraising! Don't forget to request a Free Sample of our Fund Raisers & Fund Raising Ideas! Whether you're looking for School Fundraisers, Church Fundraisers, non profit fundraisers, cheerleading fundraisers, sports fundraisers, charity fundraisers or any kind of fundraiser, ABC Fundraising has the perfect fundraisers for you.


Check out what recent Fund Raisers are saying about our Fund Raising Ideas

Football Fundraising

"The easiest fundraisers we've ever done! With 40 kids fund raising, our school raised $3,200 in just 2 weeks. The fund raiser was easier than selling candy or chocolate bars and people love the coupons. I'll be ordering more booklets next year. Thanks Abc Fund Raising. You guys have the best fundraisers!"

Baseball Fundraising

"Thank you for helping our baseball team. With the Scratch & Help Fund Raising Program, our group of 40 kids raised $3,500 in less than 2 weeks. Amazing! I recommend any group that is considering school fundraisers to use Scratch & Help. With coupons like Pizza Hut, Church's Chicken, Subway, and Sonic Burger, just to name a few, people were more than happy to donate a few dollars to our school fund raising efforts!"

Fundraising Ideas

"With your Church fund raisers, our Summer Youth Program raised over $2,000 with 25 kids and we were able to build a new basketball court on our property. We looked into many Church Fund Raising Ideas and found that year after year your fund raising programs have worked the best. Thanks ABC Fund raising.!"
Jim Morgan - Youth Minister - FREMONT BAPTIST CHURCH

Band Fundraising

"Our high school band has over 200 members, and in past school fundraisers we've sold christmas trees, candy, magazine subscriptions, etc. With The Scratch & Help Fund Raiser, our kids were able to raise over $15,000 in less than 2 weeks. Not only did the kids tell me that it was easier than our past fundraisers, but we raised as much as all the others combined. We raised over $2,000 in free fund raising booklets alone. Thanks ABC Fundraising! We'll be using your school fundraisers again next year!."

Soccer Fundraising

"I contacted ABC Fundraising in the hopes of raising money for new uniforms for our team. Not only did we raise enough for the shirts, but we were also able to replace our net and throw a huge party for the kids. A fund raiser consultant suggested that we customize our coupons in order to have a more successful fund raiser. We took your advice and our local car wash, sporting goods store, and donut shop were pleased to participate in the soccer fund raiser in return for the free advertisement from the fundraiser."


"We would like to thank ABC Fundraising for our most profitable Church Fundraising endeavor to date. We used The Scratch & Help Fundraising Program to raise over $4000 this year. We plan on using the money for some renovations to our stage. I would also like to personally thank Robin, our Fundraising coordinator, for her help with our Church Fund Raiser. We plan on getting in touch with you again next year for our Spring Fundraising Project."
Yolanda Simmons - Fulton-Hempstead Church Choir.

" This years fund raiser was better than our previous 2 years combined. We tried a magazine fund raiser last year and a candy fund raiser the year before. The Scratch & Help Fund Raising program was much easier to run. Since we had over 100 fundraisers this year the inventory control would have been crazy with a candy fund raiser. We raised $7500, with the Scratch and Help Fund Raiser. It really is an easy fund raiser. I am recommending this fund raiser to my son's soccer coach for their soccer fund raiser this fall."

ABC Fundraising
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Business Opportunity
ABC Fundraising® is looking for distributors in your area. Work from home and earn up to $5,000 per month!
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