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Pretzels & Pizza FUNDRAISER

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  • No Money Up Front Needed!
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  • Delicious Pretzel & Pizza Kits!
  • Earn up to 70% Profit!
  • Fast, Fun & Easy Fundraiser!
  • 6 Delicious Products – Now With GOOEY Cinnamon Buns!

Selling Price:

Items sell for $22 Each – See Order-Taking Brochure Below For Full Details

Minimum Order Size – 100 Boxes

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# of Members






# of Kits Sold






Average Profit






Profit Booster






Total Profit

$870 (40%)

$2,765 (50%)

$6,290 (57%)

$7,710 (64%)

$19,630 (71%)

PROFIT BOOSTER: Receive 1 Free Spinner® for every $500 in profit earned by your group.

The average Spinner raises $210 when all 50 coupons are sold at an average sales price of $3-$5 per coupon.

*Profit chart above is a typical example of what you can expect to earn with your Auntie Anne’s Pretzel fundraiser. Actual results may vary. Typical fundraising groups earn 50%-60% profit with the Auntie Anne’s® pretzel fundraiser.

The Pretzels & Pizza Order-Taking Brochure

How To Start The Pretzels & Pizza Fundraiser

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*The typical profit on a Pretzel fundraiser is 50%-60%. Only very large groups tend to meet the minimum required sales volume to reach the highest profit percentages. Total profit on the profit includes selling all 50 sheets of coupons in your free Spinners® at an average of $3-$5 per spin. Actual amount earned from your free Spinners® may be slightly higher or lower.

 Pretzels & Pizza Fundraiser!


Auntie Anne's® Pretzel Fundraiser


If you are considering doing a pretzel fundraiser, you must read this article.

ABC Fundraising® has the best Pretzel & Pizza fundraiser available! We offer the best Pizza and pretzel kits so that your supporters can have one of their favorite delicious treats at home. In addition to the pizza and pretzel making kits, We also offer kits to make your own gooey cinnamon rolls. The pretzels & pizza fundraiser is sure to be a huge success.

Here are some ways to make your pretzel fundraiser your most profitable ever.

Set a timeline.
It’s important with any fundraiser, but also with a pretzel fundraiser to set a timeline and follow it. Plan to run the fundraiser and take orders for about 2 weeks. Make sure to print out your order forms and present them to your group with ample time to run your fundraiser and receive delivery of pretzels. Pretzels take about 2 weeks to arrive once the order is placed and paid in full. Make sure you won’t run into any holidays that would prevent someone from being there to receive the pretzels or prevent your group from delivering them fresh, as they are perishable.

Motivate your group.
The most important factor that separates successful groups from unsuccessful is participation. If your group members participate in your pretzel fundraiser – it will be successful. Before your fundraiser begins, gather your group members and discuss your pretzel fundraiser. Agree on how much money needs to be raised and why you are raising money with the pretzel fundraiser. Make your members responsible for contributing their part of the money. You may want to have a competition between team members, classes, or groups during your pretzel fundraiser. The key is to encourage your members to continue to raise money for the whole two weeks of the fundraiser.

Brainstorm with the group on ways or places that they think they can sell more pretzels for your pretzel fundraiser. If they don’t think they can sell enough to friends and family – consider setting up shop at a local farmer’s market and having people who can’t reach the goals sell at these venues.

Publicize your pretzel fundraiser.
Generate some buzz about your pretzel fundraiser in your community. If you are the middle school, make sure the high school, the elementary school, all of the local businesses and people in town know where they can get their pretzels. Let them know the pretzel fundraiser will be around for a limited time and that they should stock up. See if you can get your local newspaper to put in something about your pretzel fundraiser and where they can get in touch with someone to order their pretzels. Let people know you are a source for them for this limited time and that they will be supporting your group by buying.

Auntie Anne's® Pretzel FundraiserHow much money can you make with your pretzel fundraiser?
ABC Fundraising® has added some bonuses so you can make your pretzel fundraiser incredibly profitable. See the pretzel fundraiser profit chart above to see how much your group could make. With our Profit Booster Program you can really take your profits to the next level.

Another great way to make your pretzel fundraiser more profitable is to consider running it with another fundraiser simultaneously. If someone isn’t excited about the pretzel fundraiser, they might be interested in movie tickets, or making a small donation through one of our other popular fundraisers. You can check out more highly profitable fundraisers to consider in addition to your pretzel fundraiser.

The minimum order for the Pretzels & Pizza Fundraiser is 100 items.

Here are some KEY POINTS of the Pretzels & Pizza Fundraiser:

  • No Money Up Front Needed!
  • Get An Online Web Store
  • Earn Up To 70% Profit!
  • Fast, Fun & Easy Fundraiser!
  • Great Name Brand Recognition!


To get started Fundraising With Pizza and Pretzels Call ABC Fundraising® at 888.212.1344



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