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Youth Sports Fundraisers

Youth Sports Fundraisers


ABC Fundraising® provides the Top Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas available today with up to 97% Profit & No Money Down!

In this article we will take a look at 10 Easy Fundraising Ideas For Youth Sports Teams. These fundraisers are great for High School Sports Teams such as Football Teams, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Basketball Teams, Swim Teams, Cheerleaders as well as Youth Leagues such as Pop Warner Football and Little League Baseball.

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If you type in “youth sports fundraisers” on virtually any search engine you will discover offers to sell cookie dough, pizza cards, scratch cards, candles, sports goods and a lot more. Depending on the age group of the children in your youth sports league and the kind of sports team you have, and the surrounding area, think about which of the following fundraisers are most likely to be well received in your community. What are some of the best Sports Team Fundraisers?

10 Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas To Get Your Fundraiser Started:


Youth Sports Scratch Card Fundraising1. Scratch Card Fundraiser 

A great way to earn a few thousand dollars in 2 weeks or less is the ABC Fundraising® Scratch & Help® Fundraiser. Order one youth sports fundraising scratch card for each member of the youth sports team.

Ask your team members to approach friends, family and neighbors asking them to scratch off 2 boxes and donate the uncovered amount. The average donation is around $4. In return for their small donation, your supporter will receive a sheet of coupons worth about $100 in savings.


Each scratch card raises $100 and you can earn up to 90% profit with our 10% FREE cards that you will receive on your scratch card order. Scratch cards are great for all types of youth sports teams. We have worked with High School Sports Teams, Cheerleaders, Pop-Warner Football Teams, Baseball Leagues, Basketball Teams, Volleyball teams and more. We have worked with virtually all types of Youth Sports Teams and our Scratch Card Fundraiser Has Helped these teams raise millions of dollars since we invented Scratch & Help® in 1993.



Discount Card FundraiserFor Youth Sports Teams2. Discount Card Fundraiser

 This youth sports fundraiser is simple, effective and highly profitable. You can earn up to 93% Profit with a Discount Card Fundraiser for your youth sports team. Best of all, ABC Fundraising® will add YOUR LOGO on the front of the cards so you can get a lot of great promotion for your team.

We have $10, $15 or $20 Discount Cards. Order 5-10 discount cards for each member of the team. Our most popular discount card is our $15 discount card. You keep 50% Profit on each card but with our PROFIT BOOSTER you can earn much more. We will give you free bonus cards on each order to boost your profit all the way up to 93%.

If each youth sports member sells 10 discount cards they should earn a minimum of $75 with our $15 discount card! Please keep in mind that we have a minimum of 300 cards so we recommend that only youth sports teams with at least 30 members order the discount cards for their fundraising event.



Car Wash Fundraiser3. Car Wash Fundraiser 

This youth sports fundraiser can be a lucrative way to raise funds. This will require great preparing – Lance Winslow’s book “How to run a successful car wash fundraiser” is free of charge and takes you through step by step exactly what you will need to do. Car wash fundraisers are fun for the whole family.

To increase profits you should have some team members selling refreshments and baked goods at the car wash. This way, when cars are being washed people will be more than happy to spend a little extra money on your home baked goods and refreshments. And you can raise a lot more money!


Youth Sport Team Fundraising Ideas4. Fundraising Auction 

Clear out the storage area, spring clean the home, request donations – and then public sale! Publicize the public sale properly in advance around the general vicinity, invite close friends as well as family members.  Have a published checklist of auction items and get somebody you believe in to run the auction sale.

Some good things to consider at this type of fundraiser are Bicycles, Clothing Items, Jewelry, Handbags. Make sure to find a good location and if it is going to be hot or cold make sure it’s an indoor location.


Youth Sports Team Fundraising5. Walk-A-Thon

 Events like a Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser, or perhaps a twenty-four hour sports function work very well for youth sports fundraising.  Your young men and women will have their own suggestions as to exactly what they would like to do!

We like Walk-A-Thons because they tend to be easy and athletic at the same time. The team members will get people they know like friends, family and neighbors to pledge as much as they can per mile. This is a really fun idea for youth sports teams trying to raise a lot of money.


Cheerleader Fundraiser6. Family Photos

Set up a professional photographer to come for a day or evening. Book a time slot for families with young children to come and get their family photos taken. Publicize the photo event well by putting up flyers in the neighborhood.

You will want to set up a commission that your team will receive for each photo purchased from the family photo fundraiser. This is a great Fundraising Idea For Cheerleaders as well as Football Teams and Softball Teams. Pretty much any youth sports team can have success with this fundraiser.


Creative Youth Sports Fundraising Idea7. Website Advertising 

Does your youth sports team have a web page? Could you set up a cost-free blog to keep individuals up to date? If so, think about promoting advertising space to nearby vendors who may well be interested – e.g. the neighborhood sports shop, local realtors, dry cleaners, coffee shops.

You get the idea. Each one of the local business in your area are a potential advertiser for your youth sports team’s website. The great thing about this fundraiser is that it can make money for your team all year long.


BBQ Contest Fundraiser8. Dance/Disco/Live Music/Barbecue/Casino event 

Virtually any event that will work for your surrounding area. One great fundraising idea for youth sports teams is to have a BBQ Contest Fundraiser. Invite people to sign up as contestants and charge them space for a booth at the BBQ Event.

Next, charge admission to the BBQ Contest. Your coaches and team members can be the judges of the BBQ. Find a great outdoor space to hold your BBQ fundraiser and make sure it has a lot of shade trees in case it’s hot on the day of your fundraiser.

This is a very fun youth fundraiser but keep in mind that it does take a lot of planning!


Cookie Dough Fundraising For Youth Sports Teams9. Cookie Dough Fundraiser 

A cookie dough fundraiser is a superb way for youth sports leagues to raise money. This is still one of the most popular youth sports fundraising ideas. Some youth sports leagues can earn $10,000 or more with a single youth sports cookie dough fundraiser.

We suggest ordering 1 free order-taking brochure for each member of your team. You can sell pre-portioned cookie dough or Tubs of cookie dough. This is one of our No-Risk Fundraising ideas because we provide you with FREE Order-Taking Brochures to get your fundraiser started.




Auntie Anne's Pretzel Fundraiser10. AUNTIE ANNE’S® PRETZEL FUNDRAISER

Everyone is familiar the the famous soft baked pretzels from Auntie Anne’s® Pretzels. They have stores in malls throughout the United States and it’s tough not to buy one of those delicious pretzels when you walk by and smell the delicious buttery smells that come from their storefront.

You no longer need to go to the mall to buy a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s® although we’re sure you still will. ABC Fundraising® has partnered with Auntie Anne’s® to bring you one of the most popular Youth Sports Team fundraisers available today. You can sell these delicious treats to your friends and family and raise money for your group at the same time.


We have had entire High Schools Football & Cheerleader Teams who have participated in the Auntie Anne’s® Pretzel Fundraiser and have raised tens of thousands of dollars. Now included in the Auntie Anne’s® Pretzel Fundraiser is CINNABON® for folks who are craving a sweeter flavor than a pretzel. This youth sports fundraiser comes with no-risk because we provide your youth sports team with 1 FREE ORDER-TAKING BROCHURE for each member of your group.

Simply collect money for each item ordered then call ABC Fundraising® to place your order and only pay the wholesale price. You can earn up to 80% profit with the popular Auntie Anne’s® Pretzel Fundraiser! It’s one of our favorite Sports Team Fundraising Ideas


For some other suggestions to raise money, get your youth sports team together and do a little brainstorming. Everybody will certainly have fundraising ideas that they can contribute and this will help to get everyone involved in the youth sports fundraising effort.

Always remember to adhere to a few basic principles for fundraising:

Never go out fundraising by yourself, but continually within groups of at minimum 2.
Have some branded info regarding your task as well as exactly how much you are preparing to raise.
Include as many close friends, members of your youth sports team as well as household members as you can.
Most importantly, remember to have fun with your sports team fundraiser! 🙂

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