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Fundraising Sample: Get Your Free Fundraising Sample Now!

If you are looking for a free fundraising sample. you’ve come to the right place.

ABC Fundraising® offers the best, most profitable fundraisers and tons of fundraising ideas for easy and profitable fundraisers. To learn more about some of ABC Fundraising’s easy fundraising ideas, keep reading.

Our free fundraising sample kit is filled with all of the answers to your questions about our fundraisers. Our fundraising sample also explains each fundraiser and the amount profit you can earn from each. The fundraising sample is sent to you in the mail quickly, sometimes even sent the same day so you have something in hand that you can take to your group fundraising meeting. However, if you need your fundraising sample information sooner than that, we can help there too. Most of the fundraising sample information can be printed directly from our website right from your home computer.

Non Profit Fundraising Ideas    

Are you interested in our popular discount card fundraiser? You can print a color flyer, answers to frequently asked questions and our merchant wish list that gives you all you need to get started with your discount card fundraiser right away. The discount card fundraiser is a fantastic option as it saves your supporters money, is very profitable and best of all, ABC Fundraising does the work of securing the local businesses for you – making it incredibly easy.

What about our highly profitable scratch card fundraiser? You will get a full size fundraising sample of the scratch and help card if you request a free fundraising sample kit in the mail. The Scratch and Help fundraiser is terrific because it doesn’t require your supporters to spend a lot of money to help you. In exchange for their small donations from the scratch card, you give them a valuable sheet of coupons from our national sponsors.

You can also get a fundraising sample online for our amazing Auntie Anne’s pretzel fundraiser. Auntie Anne’s pretzel fundraisers are fun because you are bringing your supporters the opportunity to have everyone’s favorite pretzels fresh out of the oven in their own kitchens. People love this fundraiser and you can print your fundraising sample information, flyers and pretzel order forms to get started right away.

Cookie dough fundraisers are always a good choice, especially for large groups. If you’d rather not wait for a fundraising sample, this is another one you can print from home and get started fundraising with right away. You can sell either cookie dough tubs, or ready to bake pre-portioned cookie dough using these printable order forms on our cookie dough page. Snickerdoodle, white chocolate macadamia nut and M&M candies cookie dough are just a few of the tasty flavor options you can offer your supporters.

Your fundraising sample will also tell you all about our innovative and “green” Spinners fundraiser that allows your group to raise huge amounts of money in a short amount of time. You can view all of the details here on our site and learn more about the profit potential and the national sponsors’ coupon offers for your area.

Hopefully, you find what you need right here on the ABC Fundraising website, so you can get started raising money right away. If you want to receive a fundraising sample kit in the mail click below for a free fundraising sample. 

  Non Profit Fundraising Ideas    

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