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Do you have a small group looking to raise money? Did you know that ABC Fundraising® specializes in fundraisers for small groups? That’s right, ABC Fundraising® is the leading fundraising company when it comes to small group fundraisers. Below we will discuss some of our popular fundraisers for small groups and help you decide which fundraiser will be right for your small group of people. Before we begin go ahead and click the image below to request a free sample of our most popular fundraisers for small groups.

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Although there are numerous diverse types of fundraising ideas for schools that you can carry out, the following are a couple of the best ideas that really work well as fundraisers for small groups.

1. Scratch Card Fundraiser for small groups – The popular Scratch & Help® fundraiser was developed by ABC Fundraising specifically to work well for groups with as little a 5 members. This small group fundraiser can help you raise a total of $80 per group member. Simply order 1 scratch card for each member. Your group members will then ask people to scratch & donate until the scratch dots are completely removed. In return for the small donation the individual receives a sheet of 10 valuable coupons form national sponsors.

2. Spinners Fundraiser For Small Groups – another extremely popular method to fundraise for small groups is The Spinners Fundraiser. Invented by ABC Fundraising as an alternate to the Scratch & Help fundraiser, the Spinners fundraiser works by having the donor spin an arrow. The number that the arrow lands on is the donation amount. Usually around $4-5 this donation is collected by the fundraising member. A sheet of coupons is then given out as a “thank you” to the donor. This fundraising idea for small groups is great because you can earn an average of $210 per fundraising participant. You can order as few a 1 Spinner to start you small group fundraiser.

3. Movie Ticket Fundraiser for small groups – Fundraising for small groups can be very effective if you use a movie ticket fundraiser. This fundraiser does well in areas where movie tickets are expensive like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Simply take orders for movie tickets for $8.50 and then purchase them from ABC Fundraising for $7.50. You earn $1 per ticket sold.

4. Discount Card Fundraiser – A discount card fundraiser is an excellent Fundraising idea for small groups if you think you can at least 10-20 discount cards per member. You will need to order a minimum of 300 discount cards but the benefits are that you can raise a lot of money in very little time.

Finally, what you really need to keep in mind when  Fundraising for small groups is to motivate everyone to sell as much as they possibly can. There is usually a small window of time to make your fundraiser a success.

Good luck with your fundraisers for small groups!

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