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Fundraising ideas Fundraising ideas

fundraising ideas

Quick Fundraising Ideas

There are a couple of quick fundraising ideas available to you from ABC Fundraising® and these fundraisers can be completed in 2 weeks or less – Quick & Easy!

1. Spinners® Fundraiser – Up to 97% Profit!

The first fundraiser that comes to mind as a quick fundraising idea is the Spinners Fundraiser. With up to 97% profit this fundraiser has helped thousands of organizations raise money and can help your group earn thousands with very little organizational effort.

Here’s how it works:

Fundraising Ideas

Best Fundraisers For Schools

Below are the best School Fundraising Products with the highest profit!

1. Discount Card Fundraiser – Up to 93% Profit! – Our Top Choice for school fundraisers this year!

The best school fundraiser for groups of 30 or more is the ABC Fundraising Discount Card Fundraiser. With a discount card fundraiser, schools can earn thousands in a short time. The first step to starting a fundraiser is to download the ABC Fundraising Local Merchant Wish List.

You will need to circle 40 merchants and the enter in 20 more local mom and poo stores. It’s a good idea to complete the form with the help of the members of your group. Some members may think of things that you wouldn’t have considered.

Once you have completed the form, simply fax it or email it in and ABC Fundraising will begin the process of creating your discount card.

2. Scratch & Help Fall Fundraiser

Our second favorite fundraiser for schools.

The newly improved Scratch & Help fundraiser with up to 90% profi

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser Events

Fundraiser events for schools, churches and non profits!

If you are currently looking for some great tips for fundraiser events, check out the content of this brief article.

What type of group are you part of that is going to be doing the fundraising? ABC Fundraising offers successful fundraiser events for churches, high schools, youth sports teams, PTOs, little leagues, after school clubs and non profit organizations. We have developed fundraiser events for groups that are very small as well as large organizations.

Fundraising Ideas

Summer Fundraising Ideas

Top 3 Summer Fundraising Ideas

Are you currently looking for the best Summer Fundraising Ideas?

If you are part of a school or church and are trying to find some high profit Summer fundraising ideas for your fundraising event this year, then please take a minute to check out the information in this short post.

Before you continue reading, go ahead and click on the image below to receive a 100% FREE fundraising sample of the most popular Summer Fundraisers.

Fundraising Ideas

Spring 2014 Fundraising Ideas

Top 3 Spring Fundraisers For 2014

Looking for some great Spring Fundraisers?

Are you a school, church or sports team looking for Spring fundraising ideas for your next fundraising event then please check out the information in this post. We have the best Spring Fundraisers for Spring 2014! First, click the image below to receive a FREE fundraising sample of the most popular Spring Fundraisers.

Fundraising Ideas

Church Fundraisers

ABC Fundraising® is home to the Top 5 Church Fundraisers in the United States.

In this post we will discuss some of the different creative Church Fundraising Ideas available.

Before you read on, please take a minute to request a FREE INFO-KIT with our Top 5 Church Fundraisers. Simply click on the button below and you will receive your FREE Church Fundraising INFO-KIT in about 1 week or less.

Church fundraisers have recently grown to become more essential to churches than at any time in the past 10 years. Church organizations, regardless of denomination, are finding themselves struggling to raise contributions. With the current economic condition, folks are experiencing, including job layoffs and a very high unemployment rate in many Church congregations it has become more difficult in recent years for churches to raise much needed funds.

The absence of charitable contributions has prompted many different types of fundraising events to determine whether or not churches are in a position to keep functioning each month. Below are a few helpful church fundraising ideas.

Long Running and Popular Church fundraising ideas:
1) A Church Bake Sale – Church Bake sales have been the norm in church fundraising and will continue to perform well for all different types of church fundraising events. Whenever Churches operate collectively for the whole group, excellent outcomes are often the result

2) A Church Fundraising Walk-A-Thon – Church walk-a-thons have always been great fundraising ideas for Church groups. This particular Church fundraising idea is a superb approach to get many different types of individuals involved, particularly because it consists of healthy physical exercise. Depending on the type of Church you belong to you should certainly consider Church walk-a-thon.

3) A Church Fundraising Auction – When your Church is trying to obtain generous contributions in cash, a Church fundraising auction can work well. It is important for your church to find a few unique goods. If you can, try to locate some local celebrities to promote your Church auction and contribute their signature ands make a physical appearance at the Church Fundraiser. Donors will be more than prepared to donate money to a church if they are able to get a little something out of it.

4) An Online Church Fundraiser:
Online Church fundraising is not really a conventional fundraising idea, but it has found a lot of recognition in the past few years. Fundraising companies are providing their online fundraising support entirely free of cost.

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Top 3 Fundraising Ideas For Schools – Tips On Choosing the right company!

Are you searching for Fundraising Ideas For Schools?

If you are currently in school as a student, teacher or a coach, or a member of the PTA and need to find some great fundraising ideas for schools then read this short post and you will learn about the top 3 Fundraisers for schools! Before you read on, please go ahead and click the button below to receive a FREE info-kit of the most popular fundraising ideas for schools.

There are many things to remember when choosing a fundraising idea for schools. Below are a few fundraising tips that will definitely help you with your school fundraising this year.

1. Use a fundraising company for your high school fundraiser that is listed with the Better Business Bureau.

To avoid the pitfalls of using the wrong fundraising company, you should use a fundraising company for your next school fundraiser that’s listed with the better business bureau. ABC Fundraising® is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating and always guarantees excellent customer service plus the highest profit in the fundraising industry. So to recap, avoid using a company that is not listed with the BBB!

2. Pick fundraising ideas for schools that offer at least 90% Profit!

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Looking for easy and profitable Fundraising Ideas for Kids?

Why not try the world famous Scratch and Help Fundraiser with 90% Profit & No Money Up Front!
This post about Fundraising Ideas For Kids will show you a few different fundraisers that tens of thousands of kids are currently using to raise money all across the United States.

Before we begin please take a minute to request a FREE Fundraising Sample Kit below of the most popular fundraising ideas for kids .

fundraising ideas church youth groups

It can be tough to put together a profitable fundraiser for kids. You know that they often take a lot of time and a lot of work, and sometimes you don’t raise as much money as you had hoped for.

One of the TOP fundraising ideas for kids is the very popular and highly profitable scratch & help fundraiser. The Scratch & Help® fundraiser has been used as a fundraising idea for kids since 1993. ABC Fundraising® developed the Scratch & Help fundraiser as an alternative to having to sell unhealthy candy bars so kids can feel proud of the fundraiser they are taking part in.

When people scratch and donate they usually only spend around $4.00 as a donation but they receive over $50 worth of coupons that they can use in their entire state. For this reason, this popular fundraising idea for kids is often requested at ABC Fundraising® more than any other fundraising ideas for kids.

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraiser For Oklahoma

Fundraiser for Oklahoma – Some Ideas to help the victims of the Oklahoma Tornado!

Fundraising for Oklahoma doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. By choosing a fundraiser that doesn’t require much effort, planning a fundraiser for Oklahoma can be an easy.

When planning a fundraiser for Oklahoma, you need to determine the type of fundraiser you want to do. You may want to consider an event fundraiser.

You can also set up a FREE Fundraising Website for Victims of the Oklahoma Tornado by clicking the link below:

Fundraiser For Oklahoma – Get A FREE Fundraising Website and raise money for Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Some ideas for setting up a fundraiser for Oklahoma Tornado victims are listed below.

Casino Night Fundraiser For Oklahoma –You can host an evening at the local Casino! You’ll need a location, tables, and some gaming equipment andas people who can act as your dealers. You’ll also want to involve local businesses in donating prizes and possibly food and drinks for your event. There are plenty of tings involved in a casino night fundraiser but it can certainly be incredibly fun and a very profitable way to raise money for Oklahoma Tornado victims.

Karaoke Fundraiser For Oklahoma– You can charge admission to an exclusive night of karaoke. Add to the fun by making it formal. If you can get some local businesses to sponsor your event by supplying beverages and food – you can make additional income by selling drinks or charge more at the door for the promise of an open bar. You can have an hour or two where guests can bid (offer donations!) to hear another guest perform some karaoke. This is a really fun way to fundraise for Victims of the Oklahoma Tornado.

Some Other fundraising ideas for Oklahoma Include : rummage sales, A gala dinner, crab feeds, grilled cheese cook-offs, bake sales, talent shows, pancake breakfasts and silent auctions,– the possibilities are endless.

You may also consider a Spinners® Fundraiser. This is a re-usable “green” fundraiser and it really is a great way to get supporters of Oklahoma involved without asking for a lot of money from them. When fundraising for victims of Oklahoma, it is crucial to keep in mind that not everyone will be able to afford to donate large sums of money even if theywant to. However, by offering them an opportunity to spin an arrow and donate a small amount (usually under $5) – you will be able to get much more people involved. In exchange for the donation, your supporters will receive a valuable sheet of coupons from national sponsors such as Target, Jiffy Lube and Pizza Hut.

Another favorite with groups fundraising for Oklahoma Tornado Victims is the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel fundraiser. Who doesn’t love hot, fresh out of the oven Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. Simply request your free order-taking forms at

When fundraising for Oklahoma, keep in mind that the key is getting participation from everyone who is commited to helping you raise money for Oklahoma. If you can get every member of your group to participate, you will do well and your fundraiser for Oklahoma will be very successful.

Make your fundraiser for Oklahoma fun so that when you do it, your members and supporters are motivated and feel positive and ready to raise money!

Fundraising Ideas

Gummy Bear Fundraiser

Gummy Bear Fundraiser – 75% Profit with Gummy Bears! Candy Fundraising

Looking for a great fundraising idea? Try a Gummy Bear fundraiser.

Try our brand new Gummy Bear Fundraiser!

If you are looking some great unique fundraising ideas for your next fund raising project then check out this amazing Gummy Bear Fundraiser from ABC Fundraising®!

Before you read on, click on the button below to receive our FREE fundraising info-kit with the most popular Fundraising Ideas including Gummy Bear fundraisers.

1. Gummy Bear Fundraiser – Up to 75% Profit!

Are you ready to get started with your Gummy Bear Candy Fundraiser?

ABC Fundraising® hasrecently teamed up with Haribo®, the Original Gummy Bear Company, to bring you the most profitable Gummy Bear Fundraiser ever! In fact, you can earn up to 75% profit with the ABC Fundraising® Gummy Bear Fundraiser.

ABC Fundraising® makes it very easy for you to begin your Gummy Bear Fundraiser.

To get started with our Gummy Bear Fundraiser:
1.Choose the number of cases of Gummy Bears youwill need for your Gummy Bear fundraiser.
2.Call ABC Fundraising® to place your order. (we accept all major credit cards, check by phone, money orders or you can mail a check)
3.Receive your cases of Gummy Bears and run your Gummy Bear fundraiser!

If you are ready to start your Gummy Bear fundraiser now call ABC Fundraising at 1-888-212-1344.

Get Your Gummy Bears Now!

If you need an info-kit with more info about our Gummy Bear fundraiser then please click the button below and you will receive your info-kit within 1 week.

Fundraising Ideas

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