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Work From Home
Selling Custom Face Masks
To Local Businesses & Schools!

A Turn-Key Business From ABC Fundraising®

ABC Fundraising® is currently looking for highly motivated people who are interested in working from home selling Custom Face Masks to Local Businesses, Schools, Churches, Youth Groups & More.

Since 1993 ABC Fundraising® has provided the most profitable fundraising products in the USA!

With the recent turn of events, groups all across the country have been contacting us and asking if we sell Custom Face Masks. 

With so much demand, we’ve decided to set up a Turn-Key program for YOU to sell our Custom Face Masks to local business, schools, churches and more!

Our Work From Home Program is Simple:

1. Register with ABC Fundraising® and receive a unique referral ID #.

2. ABC Fundraising® will email you a Wholesale Custom Face Mask Flyer with your referral ID.

3. Hand out the flyer or email the PDF to local business, schools, churches and more.

4. When a group calls us or goes to our website to place an order, you’ll receive a 20% referral fee when they mention your Referral ID #!

With an order of 50 masks you’ll earn a $110 referral fee. The more masks a group orders the higher your referral fee will be. For instance, if a school orders 1000 masks you’ll earn $1600!

We do all the work of explaining the details of the custom face masks to the customer. We make sure their logo is high quality enough to print. We set up payment, shipping, and take care of EVERYTHING so you can focus on promoting our custom face masks!

As an ABC Fundraising® face mask rep, you’ll simply focus on getting the flyer with your unique referral ID to as many businesses, schools, and churches as you can!

Our wholesale prices range from $11 per mask down to $7.50 per mask for orders over 1000. The price chart is right on the wholesale face mask flyer for your potential clients to see. The minimum order a client can request is 50 masks.

This is a Turn-Key business and is 100% based on referrals. ABC Fundraising® makes no guarantees as to how much money you will earn. You’ll be paid as an independent contractor and will be responsible for filling a 1099. This is NOT a “paid by the hour” employment opportunity. You’ll be able to work as much or as little as you want. It’s totally up to YOU.

Register Now As New Positions
Are Extremely Limited!

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A Few Recent Distributor Sales

Chris K.

Sold 1200 Scratch & Help® Cards To A School District

Earned $7,200

Wanda J.

Sold 1000 Scratch & Help®  Cards To A Private School

Earned $5,000

Julie A.

Sold 600 Scratch & Help® Cards To A Sports Team

Earned $3,000

Fern M.

Sold 2500 Discount Cards To A Relay For Life Team

Earned $2,500

ABC Fundraising®
Distributor Testimonials

 The staff at ABC Fundraising® is very friendly and will always help with any question you have. The products are always shipped on time. Anyone looking to make extra money and wants to help local organizations/schools, this is a must.

Trisha Bloom, Gold Distributor

ABC Fundraising Distributor Trisha Bloom
Trisha Bloom

I introduced the Scratch & Help® Fundraiser to my local high school band and they raised over $10,000.  I earned a great commission! It really is a Win-Win for everyone involved!

Wanda Johnson, Gold Distributor

ABC Fundraising Distributor Wanda Johnson
Wanda Johnson

I’ve been a distributor for ABC Fundraising® for over 10 years. My favorite fundraiser to sell is the Scratch & Help® Fundraiser. It’s the best and most profitable fundraiser out there hands down! When my own kids need a fundraiser they use it and its always a huge success!

Josean Posey, Gold Distributor

ABC Fundraising Distributor Josean Posey
Josean Posey