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*Up to 70 % Profit

Gourmet Popcorn FUNDRAISER

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  • 15 Gourmet Flavors To Choose From!
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Popcorn Bags Sell For $20 Each – See Order-Taking Brochure Below

Minimum Order Size: 25 Bags

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# of Members





# of Bags Sold





Average Profit

$900 (30%)

$1,750 (35%)

$5,400 (45%)

$10,000 (50%)






Total Profit

$1,320 (44%)

$2,590 (52%)

$7,710 (64%)

$14,200 (71%)

Profit Booster: Receive 1 FREE Spinner® for every $500.00 in profit you earn.

The average Spinner raises $210 when all 50 coupons are sold at an average sales price of $3-$5 per coupon.

*Profit chart above is a typical example of what you can expect to earn with your Popcorn fundraiser. Actual results may vary. 

Gourmet Popcorn Order-Taking Brochure

How To Start The Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser

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Run Your Popcorn Fundraiser
For 2-3 Weeks

Call ABC Fundraising® At
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Pay Only The Wholesale Price And Keep The Rest Of The Money For Your Group!

We accept all major credit cards, check by phone, money orders or you can mail a check.

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* “Total Profit” on the profit chart includes selling all 50 sheets of coupons in your free Spinners® at an average of $3-$5 per spin. Actual amount earned from your free Spinners® may be slightly higher or lower.

The ABC Fundraising® Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser With Up To 70% Profit!


Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser BrochureAre you tired of the same old fundraisers that only offer 30-50% profit? You need to try The ABC Fundraising® Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser With An Online Web Store!

If you’ve ever considered fundraising with Popcorn, now is the best time to start your fundraiser!

With the ABC Fundraising® Popcorn fundraiser you can earn up to 70% profit with no money up front. How can we offer so much profit?

Well it all starts with our relationship with one of the top Gourmet Popcorn suppliers in the country. Since ABC Fundraising® is one of the largest fundraising companies in America we can get the best prices on Popcorn and pass the savings along to groups like yours who need to raise a lot of money.

But that isn’t all we are able to do. When you complete your Popcorn fundraiser and pay for your Popcorn, ABC Fundraising® will give you 1 FREE Spinner® Fundraising Booklet for every $500 in profit your group earns. Use your FREE Spinners® to raise an average of $210 each. This can boost your profit all the way up to 70% Profit!

Take a look at our Gourmet Popcorn Order-Taking Brochure to see the incredible gourmet flavors that your supporters can enjoy when they purchase bags of popcorn through your Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser.

Gourmet Popcorn FundraiserOur popcorn is made fresh every day and sealed in air-tight bags and then delivered to your group quickly to lock in the freshness. We truly believe that once you try our gourmet popcorn fundraiser you will want to run this fundraiser year after year. In fact, we have some schools and churches who run the popcorn fundraiser every Fall and others who prefer to run their popcorn fundraiser as a yearly fundraiser in the Spring or Summer. 

Popcorn Fundraiser Flavors


Buttery Caramel PopcornButtery Caramel

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • A rich and buttery classic that is a favorite for many! Our family recipe uses sweet brown sugar, creamy butter and a cooking temperature perfected to deliver the right caramelization of every kernel.


Cheesy Cheddar Popcorn

Cheesy Cheddar

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • Our signature blend of kernels, mixed with our secret blend of gourmet cheeses provides the most delicious cheesy cheddar corn ever! A must try!


Nutty Caramel Popcorn

Nutty Caramel

Half Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • Roasted almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans and our delicious gourmet buttery caramel corn mixed to perfection. An amazing snack sensation!


Cheddar Jalapeno Popcorn

Cheddar Jalapeno

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • A delicious popcorn with a kick of the southwest! Our secret duo of cheddar cheese combined with a touch of jalapeño delivers a bold flavor with just the right amount of heat! AWESOME!

Chicago Style Popcorn

Chicago Style

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • A delicious mixture of sweet and salty! A Midwest Favorite! We perfected this flavor by combining our delicious gourmet buttery caramel corn and our cheesy cheddar corn to make the perfect snack!

White Cheddar Popcorn

White Cheddar

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • Our special blend of creamy white cheddar coats every inch of our fluffy white popcorn, so no bite lacks in cheesiness. Leaving your mouth in a state of complete and utter elation.

Chocolate Delight Popcorn

Chocolate Delight

Half Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • Our rich and buttery caramel corn drizzled with milk chocolatey goodness. A chocolate lover’s Dream!


Strawberry Shortcake Popcorn

Strawberry Shortcake

Half Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • This delicious blend of strawberry popcorn and white chocolate drizzle makes you dream of a summer favorite – Strawberry Shortcake. Gluten Free.




Fruit Rainbow Popcorn

Fruit Rainbow

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • So much color, so much flavor, so much fun. Our Fruit Rainbow popcorn brings the colors of the rainbow and the flavors of grape, lemon, orange, blue raspberry and cherry in a light, crunchy coating.


Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • Lightly sweet, a little salty, perfectly crisp and ready for every occasion, a delicious American tradition for 200 years.


Cookies and Crem Popcorn

Cookies And Cream

Half Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • We’ve taken our Signature Cookies & Cream Popcorn to a whole new level. The taste of chocolate cookies get even better when they’re gently tossed with freshly glazed white chocolate and popcorn.


Movie Theater Butter Popcorn

Movie Theater Butter

Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • Popcorn and butter were made for each other. The toasty taste of corn complements the rich creaminess of butter, and a touch of salt develops both flavors. Double yum! 1 gallon resealable bag.


Cinnamon Toast Popcorn

Cinnamon Toast

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • Our secret is lots of farm fresh Butter, Brown Sugar and of course real Cinnamon! It will bring back memories of your favorite cinnamon toast cereal.


Texas Cheddar Habanero

Texas Cheddar Habanero

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • Like Heat? Our Texas Cheddar Habanero will hit the alarm. A special blend of Habanero Peppers, combined with our Cheesy Cheddar recipe, creates the most delicious “Taste of Heat”!


Three Cheese Popcorn

Three Cheese

1 Gallon Resealable Bag • Gluten Free • NON-GMO CORN • Cheese Lovers Beware! Bite after fluffy, crispy bite, our 3 cheese is guaranteed to satisfy the cravings of even the most sophisticated cheddar connoisseurs.


Tips For Running A Popcorn Fundraiser

Write Down 50 People You Plan To Approach

Make sure each group member participating in your fundraiser writes down up to 50 people they plan to approach. Good ideas include your hairdresser, mailman, teachers, coaches, and family friends.

Set A Fundraising Goal

Whether its $500 OR $50,000 BE SURE TO SET A FUNDRAISING GOAL. Setting a goal helps your group achieve a higher degree of success!

Set A Fundraising Time Limit (2 weeks is suggested)

We recommend setting a time lime of 2 weeks. However some groups prefer 1 week and others up to 3 or even 4 weeks.

Call Your Family and Friends

Pick up the phone and call your close relatives. Direct them to your web store and ask them to buy multiple items.

Use Social Media

Put your fundraiser up on your Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Tweet out your fundraiser if you are using Twitter or make a video if you are on Tik-Tok.


 To get started fundraising with Popcorn simply call ABC Fundraising® at 1-888-212-1344 to order your FREE Popcorn Order-Taking forms.
You can also order using our ONLINE GOURMET POPCORN ORDER FORM