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Thank You For Your Domino’s Pizza Card Order!

Here are your next steps…

Please call us as soon as you can to confirm the quantity and mailing address. The Domino’s card fundraiser is a fundraiser that works just like chocolate bars. It is a “cash and carry” fundraiser. That means, you purchase your cards, and we secure the merchant location, print the cards and send them to you. You then sell the cards and keep the proceeds.

Please call us at 888.212.1344 at your earliest convenience to complete your order.

We will need the exact address of the Domino’s location that you want us to secure for your cards.

We look forward to helping your group reach your fundraising goals!

If you are looking for a risk free fundraiser with no money up front, we suggest trying one of our order-taker fundraisers such as our Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser, which you pre-sell the Popcorn with your order taker forms, then place your order for exactly what you sold.

Let us know if you’d like to try the Popcorn Fundraiser or any of our other “Order-Taker” Fundraisers.

 CALL US if you have any questions: 888.212.1344


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