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Online Fundraising For Hurricane Sandy Victims

Online Fundraising For Hurricane Sandy Victims:


Take Donations Online For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy!

ABC Fundraising® offers a FREE
Fundraising Website For Hurricane Sandy Victims!

Currently individuals just like yourself all accross the globe are using Online Fundraising to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy!

You can use your Online Fundraising website to take in donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy. There are several online fundraising websites for Hurricane Sandy that are raising thousands of dollars and it only takes a few minutes to create your online fundraising website. Your donations are securely transfered to a paypal account or deposited into your bank account.

To get started with a FREE Online Fundraising Website For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy CLICK HERE

3 Online Fundraising Tips

Online Fundraising Tip # 1

When creating your Online Fundraising Website for Hurricane Sandy Victims you should be very descriptive when explaining what the donations will be used for. Are the donations for Hurricane Sandy Victims going to be used to rebuild a house that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy? Did you loose a loved one during Hurricane Sandy? Pictures of your family can easily be posted on your Hurricane Sandy donation Page.

Online Fundriaising Tip # 2

Use Facebook to help promote your online fundraiser for Victims of Hurricane Sandy. If you don’t have a Facebook page set up yet then you should set one up right after you sign up for your FREE Online Fundraising Website for Victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Facebook offers the ability to quicly reach a large audience with your message. People will be more likely to donate to victims of Hurricane Sandy through your link on Facebook then from any other way.

Online Fundraising Tip # 3

Send out emails as well as postcards to all of your friends and family as king them to donate on your fundraising website for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Postcards are often overlooked but have proven to be a great way to draw people to your Online Fundraising website. It adds a nice personal touch and people tend to like that.

Thanks for reading and we hope you raise a lot of money for the Victims of Hurricane Sandy!

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