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Fundraising Ideas For Non Profit

Easy Fundraising Ideas For Non-Profit Organizations

If you are looking for fundraising ideas for non profit, check out some of the ideas we’ve found to be popular and successful for many groups.

Fundraising ideas for non profit organizations are plentiful – the key is picking the right fundraiser for your group. How much money do you need to raise? How many members will you have doing your fundraiser? What are some things your community members, friends and family would like to buy or participate in? How much time do you have to run your fundraiser? How much time are you as the coordinator willing to spend executing the fundraiser? All of these are important to consider when brainstorming fundraising ideas for non profit.

Consider fundraising ideas for non profit that revolve around saving your supporters money. One of the most popular fundraisers we have seen this year has been the Discount Card Fundraiser. ABC Fundraising® has made the discount card fundraiser absolutely turn-key for your organization. Instead of spending your time finding local sponsors for your card, ABC Fundraising® will do that for you! All you have to do is brainstorm a good list of local businesses and write them on your merchant wish list. Fax that in and ABC Fundraising® will secure merchants in your area for your card. Fundraising ideas for non profit have never been THIS easy. You can focus on generating excitement about the cards and sharing that with your members. You will then sell the cards to friends, neighbors, family, and in the community.

Fundraising Ideas For Non Profit

Many groups have had incredible success with selling their discount cards at a local event, farmer’s markets, sports games, grocery stores or an event related to their cause. You can sell out all of your cards in a couple of hours. Don’t worry – you can order more. Remember, the more cards you sell, the higher your profit with this easy fundraiser.

Don’t overlook favorite food fundraisers when researching fundraising ideas for non profit fundraisers. It may seem like something you’ve heard before but cookie dough fundraising has stayed around for a reason. Supporters are excited when their tubs of cookie dough arrive and usually wish they’d ordered more! It’s easy to get started right away with a cookie dough fundraiser. You can print the order forms for either pre-portioned dough or tubs right from our website to your home printer. Take those to your friends, family and supporters. You can even email them to supporters and they can call and let you know what they want. ABC Fundraising® has made our cookie dough fundraiser the most profitable available—take advantage of our bonuses to raise even more money.

Fundraising ideas for non profit don’t come much more delicious than fundraising with Auntie Anne’s pretzels. Everyone loves Auntie Anne’s! Our pretzel fundraiser is super popular and easy to start right away. Print the order forms here and you are ready to go. In addition to pretzels, your supporters can buy breadsticks, pizza rolls and kits to make their own delicious pretzels at home. Encourage them to order more to give as gifts – they won’t be sorry.

Fundraising ideas for non profit are only successful if you and your group members make them successful. It’s up to you to motivate your group and get everyone involved in raising as much money as possible for your cause or organization.

Fundraising Ideas For Non Profit

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