35 Best Fundraising Ideas for Kids: Teach Them to Give Back

35 Best Fundraising Ideas for Kids: Teach Them to Give Back

Fundraising Ideas For KidsLooking for easy and profitable fundraising ideas for kids? This post will cover 35 different fundraisers that you can use to raise money for your cause and get the kids involved.

Studies show that over 80% of parents who model philanthropic behavior see it reflected in their children.

It’s time to inspire the next generation of givers with fundraising ideas that engage and excite kids.


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It can be tough to put together a profitable fundraiser for kids. You know that they often take a lot of time and a lot of work, and sometimes you don’t raise as much money as you had hoped for.

1. Scratch Card Fundraiser

One of the TOP fundraising ideas for kids is the very popular and highly profitable Scratch & Help Fundraiser. The Scratch & Help® fundraiser has been used as a fundraising idea for kids since 1993.

ABC Fundraising® developed the Scratch & Help® fundraiser as an alternative to having to sell unhealthy candy bars so kids can feel proud of the fundraiser they are taking part in.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. The kids will ask individuals to play.
  2. Donors scratch off two or more circles to reveal a donation amount under each. Circles run from 50 cents to $3.
  3. The player contributes the amount shown.

This creative fundraiser is popular because it brings in high profits and has a very low initial cost! Plus, it’s a fun experience for everyone involved.

When people scratch and donate they usually only spend around $4.00 as a donation but they receive over $50 worth of coupons that they can use in their entire state. For this reason, this popular fundraising idea for kids is often requested at ABC Fundraising® more than any other fundraising ideas for kids.

2. T-Shirt Fundraiser

Alternatively, why not try offering t-shirts as a church fundraiser for kids? For you youth group leaders, t-shirts can easily end up being one of your best fundraising options for kids

Everyone, regardless of their gender or age, wears t-shirts, so offering them through a fundraiser for kids is a fantastic fundraiser idea because it is a helpful product that everybody uses. If you have a trip planned, you will need to raise funds in order to have financing to be able to pay for your trip. Promoting custom t-shirts could end up being a wonderful solution for your kids fundraiser needs.

3. Flower Bulb Fundraiser

The best fundraising ideas for kids will usually offer a wide range of  products from which your donors can choose. For example the Flower Bulb Fundraiser offers a wide variety of flower bulbs that kids can promote. These flowers are guaranteed to grow and come from the Netherlands. You can earn up to 70% profit with a flower bulb fundraiser so it happens to be a very profitable fundraising idea for kids.


Example of a fundraising spinner4. Spinners® 

An individual child could help to raise money by making use of  our Spinners Fundraiser which offers up to 97.6% profit! Kids love this fundraising idea because with 1 Spinner they can raise an average of $210 with very little effort.

To raise money, kids can have donors spin the wheel to determine their donation amount. This is a simple way to take out the awkwardness of donors not knowing how much to contribute.


cookie dough fundraiser5. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

A cookie dough fundraiser is a popular and delicious idea among kids and families. Everyone loves a good cookie! With ABC Fundraising’s cookie dough provider, Crazy About Cookies, you’ll be able to offer a wide array of flavors to your buyers. These include:

  • Chunky chocolate chip
  • Sugar
  • Oatmeal raisin
  • Snickerdoodle
  • And more!

This type of fundraiser has the potential to earn your school up to 80% profit! To be sure you’re maximizing your earnings, have kids sell to their friends and family, and track their orders on a form to determine how much dough to order. Or, you can even start an online web store to sell your cookie dough completely online.

Buttery Caramel Popcorn6. Popcorn Fundraiser

A gourmet popcorn sale is an easy way to raise money for your school or youth organization. It’s as simple as collecting orders and turning them in after your fundraising period. ABC Fundraising offers a variety of flavors, including cheddar, caramel, and movie theater butter. Plus, popcorn is gluten-free, allowing children with gluten allergies to join in on the fun.

With this popcorn fundraiser, your organization benefits from only paying the wholesale price of the popcorn and keeping the rest of the money you raised. As a result, you can earn up to 70% profit. 

With free shipping for orders over 50 bags, this type of fundraiser works best when you order the popcorn to a central location and distribute it to everyone who ordered. However, supporters can also opt for home delivery if they don’t live in your local area.

7. Pizza Card Fundraiser

Pizza is an easy weeknight dinner for families to enjoy, and kids love it. Provide families with a delicious meal and earn money for your cause at the same time with a pizza card fundraiser.

ABC Fundraising has partnered with Papa John’s to create pizza cards that are valid for a 25% discount. Your organization can sell these cards for $10 each and earn up to 80% profit. Families can then redeem the card at their local Papa John’s and enjoy a delicious pizza dinner.

Pretzel & Pizza Fundraiser8. Pretzels & Pizza Fundraiser

Everyone knows about the famous soft-baked pretzels from Auntie Anne’s. That’s why ABC Fundraising has partnered with this provider to bring your organization the most coveted mall treats, including pretzels, pizza, and cinnamon rolls.

All you need to do is collect money for each item and place your order for wholesale price. Then, get to snacking! This fundraiser is popular because it’s not only delicious but also effective, allowing organizations to earn up to 70% profit.

Snack Fundraiser Brochure Cover9. Snack Fundraiser

A snack concession stand will do well at your school or organization’s sports games, performances, or after-school programs. With the help of ABC Fundraising, you can purchase snacks in bulk and sell them for up to 70% profit. Consider investing in these popular treats:

  • Pretzels
  • Candy
  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts

You’ll raise money in no time; kids are always hungry for a yummy snack! Plus, to earn even more from this fundraiser, you can set up an online store and have kids sell to their friends and family who live outside the local area.

Fundraising ideas for kids is ABC Fundraising’s specialty. In fact, we’ve helped over 1 million kids raise over 50 million dollars, and we want to help YOU raise more money than you ever dreamed of!

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10. Calendar Fundraiser

A calendar fundraiser works especially well toward the beginning of a new year—meaning January or August, depending on how you look at it. Then, buyers will have a beautiful new calendar they’ll be able to make use of all year long.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Collect high-quality photos (one for each month) to compile into a custom-made calendar.
  2. Order your calendars from a printing company or fundraising-specific platform.
  3. Sell custom calendars to supporters, community members, families, and friends.


To add an extra layer of fun, you can hold a contest leading up to the fundraiser in which kids can submit their favorite photos or artwork to be featured in the calendar!

11. Game Tournaments

A game tournament is an engaging fundraising event for kids that leverages the power of gamification to maximize fundraising revenue.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather a group of eager and competitive players and exciting games (board games, card games, video games, etc.).
  2. Charge a small fee for participants who would like to enter the tournament, and secure an exciting prize for the winner (our suggestion is branded merchandise).
  3. Allow participants to play their favorite games until you’ve narrowed it down to a single winner.


This exciting fundraiser provides participants with an opportunity to showcase their gaming skills while raising money for a cause they care about. Plus, everyone will be vying for first place (even if the only prize is bragging rights).

12. Gift Card Fundraiser For Kids

This fundraiser works especially well for kids during the holiday season when people are buying gifts for their friends and loved ones.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Team up with a fundraising company that will supply discounted gift cards for your club or organization to resell.
  2. Receive your discounted gift cards and start selling them at full price to families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and your overall community.
  3. The difference between the discounted price you pay and the price you resell the gift cards for is your profit.

When you buy these gift cards upfront in bulk, you can receive significant discounts on the face value. More than likely you’ll be able to earn an average of 10% profit on each gift card. It’s a super easy fundraiser, and it’s a way for your supporters to contribute by purchasing something they can get good use from.

13. Walk-a-thon

Get kids active with a classic walk-a-thon fundraiser. All you need is a place to walk, such as a school’s sports field or local park. Then, encourage families to sign up and participate!

Kids can collect pledges from family and friends depending on how far they walk. For example, a donor may pledge $10 per mile walked. This type of pledge fundraiser gets kids excited about fundraising and getting active—it’s a win-win!

14. Read-a-thon

Simple to plan, cheap to organize, and easy to participate in, read-a-thons are an effortless online school fundraising program that works exceptionally well for young students who are actively developing their reading skills.

With the right read-a-thon platform, you can sign up for free, set up your fundraiser, and launch a multichannel marketing campaign in one sitting. Students will simply read (just like they’re already doing in class!), log their hours, and share their online donation pages to collect support from loved ones who are excited to see them read, learn, and grow.

Raffle Fundraiser15. Raffle

Excite kids in your school, youth group, or sports team with a raffle! This is the perfect fundraising idea for kids to pair with larger events, such as a back-to-school carnival or family picnic.

Work with local businesses to secure donated items kids will love, such as toys, clothing, and snacks. Then, display them in baskets for everyone to see. After purchasing tickets, kids and parents can walk around to examine each raffle basket, putting their tickets in the ones that spark their interest.

At the end of the raffle period, randomly choose a winner for each basket. To make this process even more fun, you may invite a different child to select the winning ticket for each basket.

16. Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Kids grow quickly, so a shoe drive fundraiser is a great option. When you work with a shoe drive fundraising organization, shoe drives are easy.

All you have to do is ask parents to donate their children’s new or gently used shoes and send them to the shoe drive organizer. Then, they will send you a check for your organization.This fundraiser teaches children the value of recycling and giving back to those who are less fortunate.

17. Matching Gift Drive

One of the easiest ways to raise money for your organization is through matching gifts. When a donor contributes to your organization, they may be eligible to double their donation with help from their employer. However, 78% of donors are unaware if they’re eligible for matching gifts or not.

Raise awareness for matching gift opportunities with a matching gift drive. Explain to the kids in your group what matching gifts are in a way they’ll understand. For example, you may tell them that matching gifts are like a game where every time you score a point, someone matches your score with an extra point. However, instead of points, matching gifts match donations.

Then, run a matching gift drive in which you encourage the parents of children in your group to check their matching gift eligibility. The more people are aware of matching gift opportunities, the more you can earn for your cause!

18. Candy Grams Fundraiser

People don’t say “like a kid in a candy store” for nothing. What kid doesn’t love a delicious sweet treat? Buy candy in bulk and allow kids to send their friends a candy gram to brighten up their day.

This fundraiser works especially well around candy-centric holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween. For instance, you may sell heart-shaped lollipops for Valentine’s Day or mini chocolate bars for Halloween.


19. Recipe Book

A recipe book fundraiser is a fantastic way to raise money for kids or organizations, including schools.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Collect favorite recipes from kids and their families.
  2. Compile recipes into a single book and organize them by category.
  3. Sell your unique recipe book to families, friends, supporters, and community members.


This fundraiser is popular because, in the end, you’ll have an extremely unique product that you can’t buy just anywhere. Students and families will love having the opportunity to try out their classmates’ favorite recipes and perhaps discover a new favorite food.

20. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fairly simple to organize and are an exciting event for kids. This fundraiser is perfect for the first few weeks of school or the sports season to help kids make new friends.

Families can pay a registration fee per team and spend a few hours on their adventure. Award a prize to the first team to find every item on the list or the team with the most clues found at the end of your event.

21. Principal Challenge

Younger students might see their principal as scary or strict, or they might view them as a superhero. Either way, this excellent fundraiser will help kids see the fun side of their principal and boost school spirit.

Collect donations from students to show your principal doing something silly like performing a dance or participating in a dunk tank. However, they’ll only complete the task after a lofty fundraising goal has been met!

22. Talent Show

Let kids demonstrate their passions with a talent show. This fundraising idea works best for schools or performing arts groups so kids can show off their singing, dancing, and acting abilities.

Have children audition for the show so you can get an idea of how many kids or groups are interested. Then, you can sell tickets to families and community members to raise money for your cause.

23. Color Run

Spice up your typical fundraising run by making it colorful! For this fundraiser, kids and parents are charged an entry fee to participate and will wear white t-shirts. Then, as they run the race, volunteers will throw colored powder on them, turning their white clothing into a rainbow! 

24. Cake Walk

Cake walks offer a fun activity, delicious treats, and high fundraising potential. Start by collecting cakes or other baked goods for your cake walk by asking parents to contribute and calling upon local businesses to donate prizes.

Before the event, set up numbered markers in a circle on the ground. After changing participants a small entry fee, play music and have participants walk around the circle. Then, you’ll stop the music and call out a number. Whoever’s standing on that number wins a cake!

Karaoke Fundraising Idea25. Karaoke Night

Encourage kids to show off their musical talent with a karaoke event. Charge a participation fee, and allow kids to sing in teams or as individuals. You can also sell tickets for friends, family, and community members to show their support.

26. Trivia Fundraiser

Trivia night fundraisers are an educational way to bring kids in your community together. Better yet, this is perfect for schools in a hybrid or virtual setting, too.

This trivia game could be based on general or group-specific knowledge and hosted by grade level or age. All you need to do is pick a trivia platform and come up with a list of questions and categories. Announce the event well in advance to attract attendees, and raise money by charging a small participation fee.

27. Fashion Show

Kids will love the opportunity to strut down the catwalk while giving back to their school or group! Ask local shops to sponsor your event and provide clothes for children to model. Then, sell tickets for members of your community to watch the show. This fundraiser is a win-win-win: Your school or organization earns money, local businesses get a promotion opportunity, and the kids have fun!


28. Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a classic kids’ fundraising idea. Plus, it’s an easy fundraiser to add to an existing event. Have kids create signs, and set up a table for them to sell lemonade at the event. To increase profit, encourage parents to donate supplies, such as cups, napkins, and the lemonade itself.

29. Restaurant Proceeds Night

Partner with a local restaurant to host a proceeds night. During a proceeds night, restaurants will donate a percentage of a day’s earnings to your school, youth group, or sports team. In return, they receive additional business, so make sure to adequately promote your event to make it a success!

30. Bake Sale

A bake sale is a traditional, no-brainer fundraiser, but it works even better with kids who are old enough to bake their own treats instead of relying on parent donations. Encourage kids to bake their favorite cookie, cupcake, or other delicious recipe and bring it to school or your next meeting or practice in time for the bake sale. Then, you can have kids sell the treats during school lunch, a game, or a performance.

31. Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Another great fundraising idea for kids to consider running for the holiday season is a gift-wrapping fundraiser.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a great location with a lot of foot traffic and advertise your gift-wrapping services to everyone in your local area. You might even want to contact local shopping centers and see if they’d be willing to let you set up your gift-wrapping station there.
  2. You can charge a small fee for each item wrapped or work off of tips/donations.

Make sure your volunteers have plenty of gift-wrapping experience, as you’ll raise more money when people are happy with their beautifully wrapped gifts.

Car Wash Fundraiser32. Car Wash Fundraiser

A great way for student or kids’ groups to raise money is through a car wash fundraiser. Promote the fundraiser to the greater community. Then, on the day of the event, provide soap and water for kids to wash donors’ cars. Donors will love getting a car wash that is likely cheaper than their normal car shop’s price and that also contributes to a great cause.

33. Yard Sale

Yard sales are a popular way for individuals or families to make some extra money, but have you ever thought about hosting one for your school, youth group, or sports team? 

Ask kids and parents to donate items they no longer need, and sell them to raise money. Make sure to promote the event on your group’s website, social media, and newsletter to attract attention.

34. Movie Night

One of the easiest fundraisers your organization can host for kids is a movie night. Have the kids vote on which movie they’d like to watch. Then, charge families a small fee to join the viewing party! Show the movie in your school auditorium or community center, and sell popcorn and candy to raise even more for your group.

35. Food Truck Fundraiser

Provide families with a delicious dinner and a fun experience with this twist on a restaurant proceeds night. Invite local food trucks to park in your school parking lot, a local park, or the field where your team practices. Agree upon a certain percentage of each food truck’s sales that will go back to your organization.

Then, promote the event to the families of kids in your group and your local community. Ensure there are plenty of options for kids and parents alike to cater to all different ages and tastes. Food truck owners will love the opportunity to promote their business while kids and families will enjoy the delicious variety of food.

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