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Fundraising For Non Profits

Fundraising for Non Profits – Some Ideas to make your non profit fundraising event a huge success!

Fundraising for non profits doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. By choosing a fundraiser that doesn’t require much effort, fundraising for non profits can be an easy and profitable experience.

When fundraising for non profits, first you have to decide what type of fundraiser you want to do. You may want to consider an event fundraiser.

Some ideas for fundraising for non profits are listed below.

Casino Night – host an evening at the Casino! You’ll need a location, tables, and gaming supplies as well as people who can act as your dealers. You will also want to involve local businesses in donating prizes and possibly food and drink for your event. There are a lot of moving parts and organization involved in a casino night fundraiser but it can be incredibly fun and very profitable.

Karaoke Fundraiser – charge admission to an exclusive night of karaoke. Add to the fun by making it formal. If you can get a local business to sponsor your event by supplying drinks – you can make additional income by selling drinks or charge more at the door for the promise of an open bar. Have an hour where guests can bid (offer donations!) to hear another guest perform some karaoke.

Fundraising For Non Profits    

Other fundraising for non profit event ideas include: gala dinners, crab feeds, talent shows, pancake breakfasts, silent auctions, grilled cheese cook-offs, bake sales, rummage sales – the possibilities are really endless.

If you don’t want to do an event fundraiser – there are other fantastic options when fundraising for non profits. If you can generate interest and support for your cause or organization, people will be happy to get involved and support you.

More fundraising ideas for non profits involve some popular and profitable fundraisers that are easy for you and easy for your group members, taking the stress out of fundraising.

Consider a Spinners® Fundraiser. This re-usable “green” fundraiser is a great way to get your supporters involved without asking for a lot of money from them. When fundraising for non profits, it is crucial to keep in mind that not all of your supporters will be able to afford to donate huge sums of money even if they are dedicated to your cause. By offering them an opportunity to spin and donate a small amount that is easy to manage – you will be able to get more people involved. In exchange for the donation, your supporters receive a valuable sheet of coupons from our national sponsors.

Another favorite with groups fundraising for non profits is our Auntie Anne’s Pretzel fundraiser. Who doesn’t love hot, fresh out of the oven Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. Now more than just the pretzels, your supporters can try Auntie Anne’s breadsticks, cinnamon buns and kits to make their own pretzels at home that taste just like the ones they get at the stores! The pretzels are easy when fundraising for non profits because they don’t require any up front investment. Simply print the pretzel order form and you can start raising money right away.

When fundraising for non profits, keep in mind that the key is participation from your organization’s members. If you can get every member of your group to participate, you will do well and your fundraiser will be profitable. Make sure to set goals for your organization and follow-up during the fundraiser so that you can ensure your members are on track to meet those goals. Make your fundraising for non profits fun so that each time you do it, your members and supporters are motivated and feel positive and ready to raise money!

  Fundraising For Non Profits    

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