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Fundraiser How Tos

Fundraiser How To Guide

How to make your fundraiser a success!

Fundraiser how tos: Select your fundraiser.

Selecting the right fundraiser is important. You need to consider a few things. How much adult involvement will you have? Consider your area – what fundraisers do you think would do well in your area? Be aware of your timeline. Consider how much money you need to raise. Do you have money to get started? Are there people to delegate tasks to? Do you want to do an event fundraiser or a fundraiser where you sell something of value to your supporters?

Fundraiser how tos: Set a timeline. It’s important no matter which fundraiser you select that you set a timeline. You need to know the start date, end date and all of the various important dates in between. This will vary greatly depending on what type of fundraiser you do. For example, if you do an event fundraiser, there will be dates when certain people need to be contacted, things secured, things purchased, things picked up and it is important that these are done when they are supposed to be to ensure the success of your fundraiser. If you are selling products, generally 10-14 days is a good ‘run time’ for your fundraiser.


Fundraiser how tos: Contact local businesses for donations. It’s important when contacting businesses to ask for donations that you are organized, professional and courteous. It’s great to take in a flyer for your event, and some information about your group or organization so that they know what they are supporting. You may not get the donation in the first visit. Ask if you may call back or email information to them and get the contact info. Follow-up with the individual. Make sure you are talking to the decision maker at the business. Send thank you notes AND email to those who support you and make donations. If possible, include anecdotes or photos of how their donation helped and the joy that it brought.

Fundraiser how tos: Thank you notes. Thank you notes to your donors are so important. If it is a business who donated something for your event fundraiser, promptly send a thank you note that is personal, mentions specifics and if possible share photos or a story of how their donation was appreciated and received. If you are sending a thank you note to a financial donor – be gracious, specific and personal. Make sure your thank you notes are prompt and personal. Don’t rely on calls, or emails only – snail mail is appropriate here.

Fundraiser how tos: Motivating your group. One of the key factors in the success of your fundraising will be your ability to motivate your team or group members. Use your own strengths or style but make sure your group members know you are counting on them. It is helpful to get them on board before you select and start your fundraiser. If your organization members are excited about the fundraiser, they will be more motivated to get out there and raise money with it. Encourage them and follow-up with your team throughout the fundraiser. If they have concerns, address them and make it easy for them to do their part and make your fundraiser a success. In some situations, it is appropriate to have friendly competition amongst group members to push sales and raise money. Decide if this is best for your group. Make sure your group knows the goals and the profit that needs to be raised.

Fundraiser how tos: Have fun! Make your fundraiser a positive experience for your group members and supporters. Don’t let small setbacks become major stress-fests. If things go wrong, get past it and move on. Keep the goal in mind – raising money for your worthy cause! For more tips and great fundraising ideas, visit the ABC Fundraising® homepage.


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