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DVD Fundraiser

DVD Fundraiser – Up To 70% Profit

Looking for a great fundraising idea? Try the freshest idea in the fundraising world – DVD Fundraisers!

If you are trying to find some Great fundraising ideas for your next fund raising event then you need to check out this hot new fundraising idea from ABC Fundraising®!  

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fundraising ideas for high schoolers

ABC Fundraising® Teams Up With NBCUniversal = DVD & BLU-RAY™ Fundraiser

1. DVD Fundraiser – Up to 70% Profit!

For the first time ever the movies that you and your family love are now available as a fundraiser! From classic movies and popular TV series to new releases, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Be the first group in your area to start this exciting and profitable DVD Fundraiser!

With DVD and BLU-RAY movies like Despicable Me and Nanny McPhee to DVDs and BLU-RAYs like the popular TV series The Office and 30 Rock, our DVD Fundraiser is sure to be a hit!

People are looking for new and exciting ways to fundraise and a DVD & BLU-RAY fundraiser is quickly becomming on of the most popular new ways for groups to fundraise.

From Church groups to high school sports teams and from Elementary Schools to College sororities and fraternities DVD Fundraising can help your group earn thousands of dollars.

Check out the DVD Fundraiser Order-Taking Flyer PDF.

Its easy to start a DVD Fundraiser. See Below for instructions:

How To Start A DVD Fundraiser:

  1. Call ABC Fundraising® at 1.888.212.1344 To Request Your FREE Order Taking Flyers
    (1 per group member)
  2. Run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks collecting money for each DVD that is pre-ordered.
  3. Call 1.888.212.1344 to place your order for DVDs via check by phone, credit card, money order or
    by mailing a check.
  4. Your DVDs will be Shipped for Free and you should receive them in 1-2 weeks.
  5. Distribute the DVDs to your customers

fundraising ideas for high schoolers

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