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Innovative Church Fundraising Ideas From ABC Fundraising®

If you are looking for ways to improve your church fundraising efforts, read this article.

The most important thing you can do to increase your church fundraising profits is to get 100% participation from your members. Whether your members are young or old, involve them in your church fundraising in whatever way that you can to make your fundraiser successful and a positive experience for everyone. Some members may not be able to participate by selling products but everyone can have a role in supporting the church fundraising efforts.

To get full participation, you need to choose the right fundraiser for your church. Consider your area, your members and your community when deciding which fundraiser to choose for your church fundraising. There are many options including product fundraisers and event fundraisers. Here are a few ideas to consider for your church fundraising.

Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

Church fundraising with food

Everyone loves to eat and most of your supporters will welcome food fundraisers. You can have a bake sale fundraiser. Make it special by making unusual treats. Involve creative bakers in your church or congregation to head up the bake sale and enlist the children as a sales force and to help in the decoration of some of the cookies. Publicize well and choose a great local event to sell your goodies at.

Consider an Auntie Anne’s pretzel fundraiser. Who doesn’t love delicious Auntie Anne’s pretzels? Your members and community members alike will enjoy the chance to bake Auntie Anne’s breadsticks, pretzels and cinnamon rolls from the comfort of home. This is an easy choice for your church fundraising as you can print out the pretzel order forms and start right away. If you get everyone to participate, this fundraiser can be super profitable for your church group.

You can also consider a Hot Cake Breakfast for your church fundraising. Sell tickets in advance to your members and community members. Get the event set-up to look festive. Have chefs ready to make tons of pancakes. Set up tables with plenty of syrup, butter, utensils, coffee and water. If possible, get the pancake ingredients and as much as you can donated from a member or local business. Publicize your Hot Cake breakfast event aggressively so everyone in town knows where to come for a delicious breakfast – it could be on fourth of July, Memorial weekend or Labor Day weekend to make it extra special.

Church fundraising with steals and deals

You’ll find that most people are looking for ways to save money and your church fundraising can offer community members and church members ways to do just that!

Try a popular discount card fundraiser. Discount card fundraisers are a fantastic option for your church fundraising as they are very easy, very profitable and incredibly easy to sell. Abc Fundraising does all of the work for you. You simply fill out a merchant wish list and include info on local businesses in your area and ABC Fundraising® will do the work to secure local merchants for your custom, localized discount card. Your church members then sell the discount cards to friends, family and community members. Because the discount card offers people a way to save money at fifteen local places for a whole year – it is an incredible value for your supporters.

Don’t overlook the innovative  Spinners fundraiser. This “green” fundraiser is one of our most profitable. The Spinners can be re-used year after year to raise money for church fundraising needs. All you have to do is have ABC send new updated coupons in the following years. Church fundraising with Spinners is easy for fundraisers of all ages. It offers your supporters coupons to save money with deals from national sponsors in exchange for a small donation. The donation amounts on the Spinner are very minimal, making it easy for most people to help out.

Church fundraising success is achievable if you choose the right fundraiser for your church, motivate your members, get participation and join together to reach your fundraising goals.

Church fundraising with Online Giving Solutions

If you are looking for Church Fundraising Ideas with an online giving platform then you should check out companies like HelpAFund, GoFundMe, Fundly and Qgiv

Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

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