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Canadian Fundraising Ideas

Are you trying to find great Canadian Fundraising Ideas? ABC Fundraising® offers several Canadian Fundraising ideas. Below we will highlight 3 Canadian fundraising ideas that can help Canadians raise thousands of dollars in a matter of 2 weeks or less.

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1. Canadian Fundraising Idea #1.

The Canadian Discount Card Fundraiser

In the event that you have a group of 30 or more members, a great fundraising idea for Canadian Fundraising is a discount card fundraiser. With a discount card fundraiser you will have the option to print a logo for your group on the front of the discount card. This could be a picture of the Canadian  group you are a member of  or a photo of your Canadian organization. You have the ability to name your group whatever you want and have it then printed on the front of the card as well.   To start a discount card fundraiser for a Canadian group you can begin by downloading the local merchant wish list . Please make sure to be very specific when you are picking your local merchants. With a discount card Canadian fundraiser  you should expect to sell about 300 cards with 30 members selling just 10 cards each. If you have a larger group with say  100 members you should start with 1000 discount cards. At ABC Fundraising, we recommend a selling price of $15 for a card that has 15 merchants and $20 for a card that contains 20 merchants. It is important to be sure to let ABC Fundraising know how many merchants you will want on your discount card. You can earn up to 93% profit with a discount card fundraiser for your Canadian group!

2.  Canadian Fundraising Idea #2.

Scratch Card Fundraiser For Canadian Groups

Another great Canadian Fundraising idea is the scratch card fundraiser. ABC Fundraising® has the original scratch card fundraiser. It’ happens to be called the Scratch & Help® fundraiser and it can actually help your Canadian organization raise thousands of dollars with a group of as little as 10 people.

With a Canadian group you will need to customize your coupons for your particular Canadian location. To customize your coupons Click Here

Actually you can have any size group to participate in this Canadian fundraiser but it is best for groups of 10 or more. Each scratch card will raise a total of $100 and you actually get to keep $80 per card.  If you have a group of  100 people  participate in this fundraiser you could raise $8,000.00. This can certainly help your organization a lot. You should start by ordering one Scratch & Help® card for each member of your group!

3.  Canadian Fundraising Idea #3.

Spinners Canadian Fundraiser

The Spinners fundraiser is very similar to the Scratch card fundraiser and is a great way to raise money for any Canadian organization. Each Spinner raises an average of $210. The Spinners cost $25 each. The absolute best thing about a Spinner fundraiser is the fact that this is a reusable fundraising option. Once you use up all the coupon sheets in the Spinner you simply need to call ABC Fundraising at 1-800-368-4543 to order more coupon sheets. However since you will be doing this fundraiser in Canada, you will need to customize the coupon sheets to your particular Canadian location. To get local merchants in Canada to participate please print out the local merchant agreement form.

When its time to order more sheets the following year, the sheets can be ordered for a little as $5 for a pad of 50 coupon sheets. With this $5 investment you will now be able to raise another $210 on average for each and every Spinner you ordered. To order the Spinners Fundraiser and start raising money for your Canadian organization please call ABC Fundraising at 1-800-368-4543 or visit the order page.

These are just a few of the many great Canadian Fundraising  ideas from ABC Fundraising®! For more easy Canadian Fundraising Ideas click the link below for a free sample!

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