Thank You For Your Face Mask Fundraiser Request - ABC Fundraising

Thank You For Your Face Mask Fundraiser Request

Here Are Your Next Steps – Please Read Carefully…

Send an email to [email protected] with your High Resolution Logo attached and include the following information in your email:

1. SUBJECT LINE: Face Mask Fundraiser Request

2. Your Group’s Name:

3. Main Color of Mask: (Please Be Specific)

4. Your Full Name:

5. Your Phone #

6. # Of Members Participating In The Fundraiser:

7. Do You Want An Online Fundraising Web Store?: (Y/N)

8. Enter any extra text you want printed on the masks and indicate if the text should go above or below the logo:

NOTE: These are NOT medical grade face masks. If you need medical grade masks please contact a medical professional.

SET UP FEE: $25 For A Custom Order-Taking PDF (Add $15 for a Custom Web Store)

An Order-Taking PDF automatically comes with your $25 set up fee. Simply print your PDF to begin taking orders.

🖥️ Most groups DOUBLE THEIR PROFIT when they use an ONLINE WEB STORE in addition to their order-taking PDF.


The Web Store is your best Fundraising Assistant ever! No more creating tally sheets, counting cash or depositing checks.

Your Web store keeps track of everyone’s sales! You simply print a report at the end of the campaign.

Once you’ve had a Web Store, you’ll discover that fundraising can be so easy!

You can also turn your store back on anytime and for any other ABC Fundraising® product!

Once you have your ABC Fundraising® Web Store, you can launch future campaigns for free.

There is a 1 time additional charge of $15 to create your online web store which comes with an email we’ve created to send to your group to launch your online store. The email includes instructions on how to promote the web store via TEXT, Email and Social Media.

To receive your online web store within 3 business days please use the PayPal Order Form Below:

NOTE: You do not need to have a PayPal account. You can use a Credit Card or Debit Card after hitting ADD TO CART.

You may also call the office to pay at 888.212.1344

PayPal Order Form

Set Up Fee – Please Choose One
Your Full Name
Phone Number

As soon as your web store is completed (typically in 1 business day), we will email you the URL of the store AND A LOGIN URL so you can log in to track your sales.

You’ll be able to see how many sales each member of your group has made.

*If you don’t see an email from us within 1 business day, please check your spam folder.

How To Start Your Fundraiser:

Get your group ready and pumped up for your fundraiser! Once you receive the order-taker PDF, print it out and distribute them to your members so they can start selling to friends, family and neighbors.

If you requested an Online Web Store, make sure to follow the instructions in the email you’ll soon receive to launch your online fundraiser!

TIP: Have your members write down 10-15 people who they plan to go see. This helps them be prepared and helps you raise more money!

We suggest you give your members a 2 week deadline.

TIP: Keep a 3rd week up your sleeve in case you need to give an extension to any members who didn’t reach their goals…

PLEASE CALL US at 888.212.1344 if you have any questions.


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