Thank You For Your Discount Card Order! - ABC Fundraising

Thank You For Your Discount Card Order!

Here are your next steps…..

Please Download and Fill Out The MERCHANT WISH LIST

NEXT: Email us the Merchant Wish List along with your group’s logo which we will print on the cards.

EMAIL: [email protected]

Once you submit the wish list we will begin contacting the merchants and securing the best offers for your custom card.

*One thing to keep in mind for the discount card is that the minimum order is 300 cards for the $15 or $20 Cards and a 400 minimum for the $10 cards.

So you want to make sure you have 30+ participants/members that will be selling.

Small groups: If you are below 30 members: You may want to consider switching to our risk free Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser which has only a 25 minimum order size.

Call us or email us to switch to the Popcorn fundraiser or one of our other 25 minimum order programs such as snacks, coffee, travel mugs, etc.

CALL US if you have any questions: 888.212.1344


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