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Free Fundraising Thermometer - Get Your Free Fundraising Thermometer Here - Easy to install on your website

Show Your Online Visitors Your Fundraising Goals And Progress

Use this free, handy Fundraising Thermometer to show your team & supporters your progress and goals right on your own website.

It's easy to use:

  1. Just enter your goal and the amount reached-to-date in the boxes below.
  2. Press the 'update' button to customize the HTML code in the box below.
  3. Copy and paste the code below into your website.
  4. Now you have your own customized fundraising thermometer on your website.
  5. Bookmark this site and update as necessary.
  6. Try exceeding your goal and watch the fun!

Good Luck!

Do not use commas: For $10,000 please enter 10000




Thermometer HTML code
Copy and paste this code into your website

Fundraiser sponsors
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"The easiest fundraiser we've ever done! With 40 kids fundraising we raised over $3,200 in under 2 weeks! It was easier than candy fundraisers & I'll be ordering more Scratch & Help Fundraising cards next year. Thanks ABC Fundraising! You guys have the best fundraisers!" Tim Lenderman - Head Coach Hollywood High School Football

Fundraising Thermometer

To truly make your fundraising thermometer function as a device for you, it’s essential to update the fundraising thermometer constantly throughout your fundraiser. The better individuals observe that you are to achieving your goal, the harder they will press and the more kind donors will certainly be to help your group achieve your fundraising goals. If you revise each day – think about delivering an e-mail out to your members as well as followers each evening during the fundraiser, along with a link to your fundraising thermometer on your internet web page. Followers will see just how significantly their money has assisted and they may observe exactly how much further you have to proceed. Participants will see through the actual fundraising thermometer that they have work left to do, more revenue to make, and more funds to raise to achieve your fundraising objectives.

An individual may well also want to have your people post the thermometer on their individual facebook webpages midway through your fundraiser and once more around the end so that their buddies, family and followers are motivated to make that final drive and help give money so your team can raise the funds required.

The fundraising thermometer is fascinating simply because you, your members and followers can really observe directly that their efforts are helping to achievie a particular goal. It makes the goal feel attainable and connects everyone in the common goal associated with attaining this goal.

Your fundraising thermometer works with just about any fundraiser – if you do a scratch card fundraiser, or a candle fundraiser, you can use the fundraising thermometer to track sales. If people are performing an event fundraiser like a crab feed fundraiser, a raffle, or even talent night, you will be in a position to be able to track the sale of tickets with your fundraising thermometer.

Don’t depend on your free fundraising thermometer as the only source of marketing and motivation. It’s a fantastic device however you will also want to produce enjoyment and market your fundraiser in additional ways. Consider including local media, newspapers, radio and whatever you can to generate attention regarding your fundraising efforts. Direct individuals to your group or organization website where they may observe your fundraising thermometer. Help to make sure to have very easily visible contact details so prospective supporters can get in touch with you to buy cookie dough or raffle tickets, or make other donations.

Acquiring complete involvement from your group is extremely important. If you can encourage your group members to truly work hard and raise as much funds as possible your fundraising thermometer will blast through the roof and your targets will be attained with bonus profit to spare. For a lot more great ways to raise money and more easy fundraising ideas, visit the ABC Fundraising homepage. Click the link to get your free fundraising thermometer.

fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

Since 1993 Abc Fundraising has been providing school fundraisers, church fundraisers, soccer fundraisers, cheerleading fundraisers & fundraising ideas.
Call 1-888-212-1344 to speak to a fundraiser consultant. We can answer your fundraising questions from 9am-8pm est.
After hours we can take message for a fundraising representative to return your call the next business day. For the most profitable fundraisers and fundraising ideas remember ABC Fundraising! Don't forget to request a Free Sample of our Fund Raisers & Fund Raising Ideas! Whether you're looking for a cheerleader fundraiser, pizza fundraiser, charity fundraiser non profit fundraiser or any kind of fundraiser, ABC Fundraising has the perfect fundraisers for you.

fundraising ideas for schools, churches youth groups, sports and non profits
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