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School Fundraiser School Fundraising ideas

School Fundraiser Ideas For Your Next School Fundraising Event!

If you are looking for ideas for your school fundraiser or for tips on how to make it more profitable, read this article.

Make your next school fundraiser a huge success by getting 100% participation from your students. What are the best ways to get full student participation during your school fundraiser?

Before we continue please go ahead and click the image below for a Free Sample of the most popular school fundraisers:

Fun School Fundraisers

Here are a few tips:
Involve parents during the school fundraiser selection process. You could have a few parents on the committee to organize the fundraiser or if you would rather survey parents at parent-teacher night or send home a survey, you could get feedback that way too. Especially with younger children, parents are going to be the driving force for your school fundraiser. Having their support is crucial for any school fundraising event and will help the experience be more pleasant and profitable. However, be specific when presenting to parents - you should narrow your school fundraiser ideas down to two or three that you have researched and anticipate being a good fit for your school. Make sure to let the parents know WHY you are doing the school fundraiser. If the parents know that it is saving them money out-of-pocket or that something they value will be cut if there isn't fundraising, they may be more likely to get on board. Remember, your school fundraiser will be far more successful if you have the parents behind it.

Motivate the students to be a positive salesforce. Your students can be a great sales force for your school fundraiser. Students of any age can utilize their strengths so that you have more supporters, donating more money. Consider a rally to get your students fired up about your school fundraiser. Make it fun and announce your strategy and solicit the students' input on ways they feel you can make the school fundraiser great. For example, if you are doing a discount card fundraiser, invite the students to share ideas for places they think they could sell a lot of discount cards. It's great to create competition between different classrooms, or grade levels. Offering a small prize to the class or team who sells the most during your school fundraiser is always exciting for the students. You could have a couple of parents sign up to bring in some healthy treats for the winning team to make it an affordable but fun party. Extra recess time or a movie in-class are other ideas for the student team that raises the most money.

Choose a great school fundraiser that will be easy to manage. Although event fundraisers can be a lot of fun and raise funds, they can be a lot of work and require a lot of your involvement as well as parent involvement. Consider more turn-key fundraisers such as a candle fundraiser, a delicious and highly profitable Auntie Anne's Pretzel Fundraiser or a super profitable "green fundraiser like Spinners. By choosing a fundraising product that is easy to sell, and where ABC Fundraising® takes care of the work for you, it will make your job and the job of the busy parents much easier.

Use a Fundraising Thermometer to keep track of your school fundraiser progress. Fun for the students, helpful for you and encouraging for the supporters - ABC Fundraising® offers this great free little tool that you can post on your school fundraiser website or on facebook, or anywhere else you want to put the thermometer. It shows how much money has been raised and how much more needs to be raised, encouraging your supporters to give just a little bit more when they can! Get your Free Fundraising Thermometer now. Hopefully, you found some of these school fundraiser tips helpful. For more great Fundraiser Ideas.

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Good luck with your school fundraiser this year!
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ABC Fundraising® is looking for distributors in your area. Work from home and earn up to $5,000 per month!
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