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Are you looking for youth football fundraisers?

Youth football leagues are in constant need of great fundraising ideas to raise money for uniforms, travel expenses, and other equipment. Great youth football fundraising ideas are essential to most youth football leagues. Here we will explore some youth football fundraising ideas that other youth football leagues are doing. Before we get started click the image below to get a free sample of the most popular youth football fundraisers.

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Most youth football players will probably end up being included in some kind of fundraising. It might be selling chocolate, raffle tickets or even a walk-a-thon.
No matter what the task is, I am certain the youth football league will have you as the coach included. Once again, I recommend ABC Fundraising to the rescue. Ask ABC Fundraising to organize and get parents involved on passing out the info and gathering the finances at the end of the football fundraiser. You need updates of exactly what is going on, specifically because there is cash involved. I merely attempt to stay away for the actual day-to-day participation.
I have been fortunate because the youth football league I am involved with does not call for each and every individual participant to sell something for youth football fundraising.

Several of the more recent youth football fundraising ideas have been:

1. Wine tasting events for the grown ups. This could help the youth football league raise a few thousand dollars in one fundraising evening.

2. Unique dinner engagements with serious discount rates provided by a bistro.

3. Sponsorships. The sponsorships can easily come through a range of resources, but we discovered that nearby business’s are much more than pleased to assist if you provide them some advertising and marketing and keep the request amounts sensible.

4. In this restricted economic climate you could ask for $150 to $500 and could pass out coupons and marketing a couple of instances a year, in addition  e-mail the moms and dads with unique offers.

5. We have discovered that if you merely ask, a lot of folks will be delighted to assist and ask virtually any and all small business contacts for a monetary gift. By maintaining the sum of money asked for low, we may anticipate a more substantial amount of nearby business’s to help us out.

6. One great fundraiser that local business love to help is the discount card fundraiser. Discount card fundraisers are one of the best fundraising ideas for youth football leagues. Local businesses provide discounts and ABC Fundraising created a community discount card which looks like a credit card. The football players sell the cards for $15 or $20 and keep over 50% of the profits. Youth football teams love this fundraiser because its such an easy fundraiser and everone loves the discounts on the discount card.
To start a discount card fundraiser for your youth football league simply print out the discount card merchant wish list and fax it back to ABC Fundraising. It’s that easy!
Good luck this season with your youth football fundraiser event!

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