Fundraising Thermometer

Fundraising Thermometer: Get Your Free Fundraising Thermometer!

If you are looking for a free fundraising thermometer and ways to use it to raise more money, keep reading.

A fundraising thermometer is a great tool for your group, church, school, team or non profit organization to keep track of, show and encourage progress in your fundraising efforts.

ABC Fundraising® has made it so easy to add a fundraising thermometer to your group’s website. Click here to customize your free fundraising thermometer. Simply enter in your fundraising goal, the amount raised so far, change the color if you like and click update. Then, all you have to do is copy and paste the information into your group or organization’s website and you will see your own custom fundraising thermometer on your site. You then simply bookmark the fundraising thermometer page so you can return easily to update when you add to your profits.

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To really make your fundraising thermometer work as a tool for you, it’s important to update the fundraising thermometer continually throughout your fundraiser. The closer people see that you are to reaching your goal, the harder they will push and the more generous donors will be to help your group reach your fundraising goals. If you update everyday – consider sending an email out to your members and supporters each day during the fundraiser, with a link to your fundraising thermometer on your web page. Supporters will see how much their dollars have helped and they will see how much further you have to go. Members will see from the fundraising thermometer that they have work left to do, more sales to make, and more money to raise to reach your fundraising goals.

You may also want to have your members post the thermometer on their personal facebook pages halfway through your fundraiser and once more near the end so that their friends, family and supporters are encouraged to make that last push and help donate more money so your group can raise the money necessary.

The fundraising thermometer is exciting because you, your members and supporters can really see directly that their efforts are contributing to achieving a specific goal. It makes the goal feel attainable and unites everyone in the common goal of attaining this goal.

Your fundraising thermometer works with just about any fundraiser – if you do a scratch card fundraiser, or a candle fundraiser, you can use the fundraising thermometer to track sales. If you are doing an event fundraiser like a crab feed fundraiser, a raffle, or talent night, you will be able to track the sale of tickets with your fundraising thermometer.

Don’t rely on your free fundraising thermometer as your only source of promotion and motivation. It’s a great tool but you will also want to generate excitement and promote your fundraiser in other ways. Consider involving local media, newspapers, radio and whatever you can to generate awareness about your fundraising efforts. Direct people to your group or organization website where they can see your fundraising thermometer. Make sure to have easily visible contact information so potential supporters can get in touch with you to purchase cookie dough or raffle tickets, or make other donations.

Getting full participation from your group is paramount. If you can motivate your group members to really work hard and raise as much money as possible your fundraising thermometer will shoot through the roof and your goals will be reached with bonus profit to spare. For more great ways to raise money and more easy fundraising ideas, visit the ABC Fundraising homepage. Click the link to get your free fundraising thermometer.

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