Fundraising Ideas With Restaurants

These days fundraising can be a challenge for nonprofits, youth groups, church organizations, sports teams and so forth. Lately people have been looking into fundraising ideas with restaurants.

There are several different ways organizations can use restaurants to help with fundraising. This post will explore two ways that groups are fundraising with restaurants

Before we take a look at these different fundraising ideas with restaurants go ahead and click on the image below to receive a free sample of some easy fundraising ideas with restaurants.

fundraising ideas with restaurants

Here are a few simple fundraising ideas with restaurants:

1. A Neighborhood or Community Discount Card Fundraiser with restaurants on the card. Restaurants are happy to get free advertising through your fundraiser by giving you a great offer to put on the discount card. To get the best offers possible we highly recommend letting a fundraising company like ABC Fundraising secure the local restaurants for you. By letting ABC Fundraising secure your restaurants you will be sure that you are getting the best offers. For instance: ABC Fundraising gets local restaurants to do buy one get one free offers all the time. Sonic burger has recently participated with a buy one burger get one free. Other popular restaurants like Cold Stone Creamery, Burger King, MacDonalds, and Pizza Hut have participated in fundraisers developed by ABC Fundraising.

One of the best things about a discount card fundraiser with restaurants on the card is the fact that the restaurant card card can be used over and over and over again for a full year at the participating restaurant. This brings the value of the restaurant discount card to several hundred dollars. You sell the card for either $10, $15 or $20 and earn over 50% profit. You can earn as much as 93% profit with the ABC Fundraising restaurant discount card. The dollar amount you sell the card for corresponds with the amount of restaurant offers we put on your card.

To get started with this excellent fundraising idea with restaurants simply download the restaurant wish list and then fax it back to ABC Fundraising at 323-667-0065.

2. Ice Cream Restaurant Fundraiser – This restaurant fundraiser  is so easy and fun that it should be used several times throughout the year. Go to you favorite local ice cream store or restaurant like Friendly’s and ask them if you can hold a fundraiser at their store. Ask for 20% of the profits to go to your club or organization. Next, promote, promote, promote. Make sure you put up fliers all over town and pass out invitations to your ice cream restaurant fundraiser. We have seen groups raise hundreds of dollars in a single evening. To make it even more profitable you should have your restaurant discount cards on hand to sell to everyone who shows up. Since they are coming to support your group it’s the perfect time to ask them to purchase a restaurant fundraising card.

These are only a few of the unique  fundraising ideas with restaurants that your particular  club can participate in. With so many options on the internet with regards to different fundraising ideas with restaurants it all comes down to how well you can motivate the fundraising participate to go out there and promote your restaurant fundraiser.

Good luck from ABC Fundraising with your restaurant fundraiser.

To get more great fundraising ideas with restaurants click the image below for a free sample of the most popular fundraisers!

fundraising ideas with restaurants

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