Fundraising Ideas For High School Clubs

Fundraising Ideas For High School Clubs –

All high school clubs looking for fundraisers now can earn 97% profit with ABC Fundraising®!

High school sports clubs, high school chess clubs, high school yearbook clubs, high school dance clubs, high school after school clubs, high school cheerleading clubs, debate team clubs, theater clubs, drama clubs and more. No matter what type of high school club you belong to, chances are at some point that you will need some fundraising ideas for your high school club.

ABC Fundraising® specializes in easy fundraising ideas for high school clubs. In this post we will explore several unique fundraising ideas for high school clubsthat are sure to make a great profit for your high school club. Before we begin exploring fundraising ideas, go ahead an click the image below to receive a free fundraising sample of the most popular high school fundraising ideas for high school clubs.

fundraising ideas high school clubs

Here are a few  unique yet easy fundraising ideas for High School Clubs

1. Movie Ticket Fundraiser: This unique and easy fundraising idea for high school clubs,works great in areas where movie tickets are expensive like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other big cites in the US. In big cities movie tickets can cost as much as $12 for admission. With the movit ticket fundraiser provided by ABC Fundraising you can sell tickets for $8.50 and earn $1 for every ticket sold. High school students love this fundraiser because they can sell tickets to their friends who all love to go to the movies. To get started with a movie ticket fundraiser for your high school club simply download the high school movie ticket fundraiser order form.

2. Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Fundraiser: Another great fundraising idea for high school clubs is the Auntie Anne’s pretzel fundraiser. This fundraiser is extremely successful because everyone loves fresh bakes pretzels and what better way to have a fresh baked pretzel than to bake it yourself. This is where the Auntie Anne’s pretzel fundraiser comes in. To get started all you need to do is download the high school pretzel fundraiser order taking form and start taking orders for boxes of pretzel dough. Ask your friends and family members your aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters and neighbors to purchase a box or two. Tell them it’s for your high school club and that the money being raised will help fund your uniforms, tournaments, travel expenses etc. Make sure to show them the picture of the pretzel. It usually helps because it makes them hungry. High School clubs are earning thousands of dollars with this unique fundraising idea for high school clubs.

3. Spinners Fundraiser: This is one of the most profitable fundraising ideas for high school clubs

This fundraising idea for high school clubs is a new spin on the popular  scratch card fundraiser. With the spinners fundraiser a scratch has been replaced with a spin. Another improvement is in the profit potential. The Spinners fundraiser for high school clubs can raise an average of $210 per high school student who participates in the fundraiser. First, the high school student will ask the potential donor to spin the arrow on the Spinner a total of 2 times. The total sum of the two spins is the donation that the donor will spend. This is an average of about $5. In return for the donation to your high school club the donor will receive a sheet of 10 valuable coupons worth up to $100. There are 50 sheets of coupons in each Spinners and based on the averages high school fundraising participants are earning an average of $210 with their Spinner. Here is the est part of the Spinner fundraiser: When the Spinner runs out of coupons you simply call ABC Fundraising and order more coupons to replenish your Spinner. This means that the Spinners fundraiser is the world’s first re-usable high school fundraising program! Use it year in and year out because when you call to reorder your coupons you can get all 50 sheets for as low as $5 each with the Spinners discount club membership.

4. Discount Card Fundraiser – This is a very popular fundraising idea for high school clubs because high school students are always looking for ways to save money. The discount card lets them save money all over campus as well as in the local neighborhood. High school clubs or organizations sell the discount cards for $15 each and earn $7.50 for each card sold. The cards have discounts that are good for a whole year and are often buy one get one free offer so high school kids can go together to local shops and really save money.

These are only a few of the unique  fundraising ideas for high school clubs that your particular high school club can do. With so many options on the internet with regards to different fundraising ideas for high school clubs it all comes down to how well you can motivate the high school kids!

Members of high school clubs are usually very outgoing individuals so fundraising usually comes naturally for them. If you need more  fundraising ideas for high school clubs click the image below for a free sample of the most popular fundraising ideas for high school clubs.

fundraising ideas for high school clubs

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Since 1993 ABC Fundraising® has been providing fundraising ideas high school clubs, church fundraisers, youth group fundraisers, cheerleading fund raisers, football Fundraisers and more. Call 1-800-368-4543 to speak to a High School  fundraising consultant. We can answer your fund raising questions from 9am-8pm est. After hours we can take message for a discount card fundraising representative to return your call the next business day. For the most profitable Fundraising ideas for high school clubs remember ABC Fundraising®! Don’t forget to request a Free Sample of our Fund Raisers & Fund Raising Ideas to help you raise funds! Whether you’re looking for a cheerleader fundraiser, pizza fundraiser, charity fundraiser non profit fundraiser or any kind of fundraiser, ABC Fundraising® has the perfect fundraisers for you.

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