Fundraising For Non Profit Organizations

Fundraising for non profit organizations: A guide for Non Profits who need to raise money fast

If you are in charge of fundraising for non profit organizations, here are some ideas to make your fundraisers more profitable.

Fundraising for non profit organizations can be easy if done thoughtfully and with planning. Fundraising for non profit organizations can be difficult if you don’t choose a good fundraiser, you don’t get help from your team or if you are disorganized.

Choosing the right fundraising for non profit organizations depends a lot on the size of your group, the area you are in, how much money you need to raise and how much participation from a team you have. Non profit organizations can be anything from charitable organizations raising money for a cause locally or overseas, to a local drama club, sports league or church. What type of group and infrastructure do you have?

Non Profit Fundraising Ideas    

Fundraising for non profit organizations that have a group of paid staff will be different than those that work primarily with team or group members and volunteers.

Are you able to delegate tasks to people who will get the job done? Do you have a whole group of people who can participate in the fundraiser for your non profit?

If you have a dedicated staff of people you trust, you may want to consider an event fundraiser. Event fundraisers are great when fundraising for non profit organizations as they present an exciting way to get supporters involved and generate publicity for your organization while raising hopefully large sums of money. It is critical to have a competent group of people on whom you can rely on to delegate the various tasks involved in an event fundraiser. There are many aspects of event fundraisers. Dealing with sponsors, publicity, invitations, location, donations of goods, getting supporters to come, entertainment, food and drink, event staff and so on. Fundraising for non profit organizations with events can be very profitable but make sure you are prepared for the varied tasks involved and the importance of timeline if you take it on.

Fundraising for non profit organizations with products is often much easier if your non profit group is smaller and doesn’t have a large paid staff. If you have a club with members or little league teams, or a church congregation – consider a fundraiser that the members can participate in and that will be easy to manage.

Consider an Auntie Anne’s pretzel fundraiser. Auntie Anne’s pretzels are a favorite of many people and are always a great surprise to supporters. Your members can simply print the pretzel order forms and begin right away. It’s best to run the fundraiser for about 2 weeks, collecting orders from as many people as you can. Have your members talk to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, anyone who might be open to supporting fundraising for non profit organizations. Many groups have great success by setting up a booth at a local event or supermarket for a couple hours collecting orders. Then, they have a pick-up date for those who purchased at the same location when the delicious pretzels, breadsticks and cinnamon roll kits arrive.

Fundraising for non profit organizations with candles is also a good option. Candles are something that many people purchase throughout the year anyway to warm up their homes and to give as gifts so why not purchase them from your group to help you raise money? A candle fundraiser is easy. Like the pretzel fundraiser, you simply print out the candle order forms, and members take the forms to friends, neighbors and family. There are various scents, colors, sizes and price points for your supporters to purchase. The candles are long burning, high quality candles, proudly made in the U.S.A.

If you want a fantastic fundraiser that saves your supporters money, consider our new, no effort, and highly profitable discount card fundraiser.

Whether your fundraising for non profit organizations leads you to events, or product fundraisers, make sure to follow a few simple tips to make your fundraiser a success: be organized, follow a timeline, get full participation from your team or group and stay motivated!

  Non Profit Fundraising Ideas    

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