Fundraising Without Asking For Donations?

How do you fundraise without asking for donations?

It’s a very tough and thoughtful question. Isn’t it?

Question virtually any individual desiring to raise money out of thin air exactly how they plan to accomplish it and they will almost always come up with a checklist of ideas which usually all include asking folks to contribute in one method or yet another – be it time, funds, products, or any kind of mixture of those.

We will now explore fundraising without donations

discount card fundraiser

How many snacks, raffle tickets, cookies, candy and front door knock appeals have you paid out for which had absolutely nothing to do with raising cash for some thing? Probably none, correct? I do not know about you, however much as I would like to assist, I truly get worn out with folks asking for contributions. How much more donation fundraising solicitations can one take?
Regardless of whether you are raising money for a hurt individual who requires therapy, a high school sporting team that desires to take a trip to a competitive function, or a charitable organisation you believe in, it is actually challenging to get away from the actual need to ask individuals to give money. Fundraising is becoming more and more necessary these days.
In fact, the purpose of this posting is simply because someine I know offered to sponsor an occasion to raise money for an organisation they desire to be able to assist, and observed themselves a little clueless, simply because they have only recently transferred to a new state and do not yet know many folks they can easily invite or ask to take part.
Therefore exactly how should they follow through and raise a significant contribution? Remember we are talking about no donation fundraisers.

Here are some causes for no-donation fundraisers and fundraising events:
1. Surf Life-Savers
2. Pandas and other endangered species, World Wildlife Federation
3. Amnesty Int.
4. Someone on the news who cares for wildlife wounded on the roadways
5. Father and mother, Youngsters, Grandkids
6. Senior citizens and Handicapped
7. Exploration in to breast wellness and additional ladies health concerns
8. Numerous more…
You are going to have your own checklist… Folks almost everywhere need money.

The best way to go about fundraising without asking for donations is to use a product that people are more than happy to buy from you.

For instance a discount card makes for a great fundraising idea. A discount card is a credit card sized fundraising card that offers value. Some offers may be buy a burger and get one free or half off of a menu item at the local snack shop. Other offers on a discount card are for tanning beds, flower shops, supermarkets and more.

With a discount card fundraiser you are not asking for donations. You are selling a product with great value.

If you need to raise a lot of money, say $20,000 then you should order about 2000 discount cards from ABC Fundraising. You can have your discount cards in about 4-6 weeks.

discount card fundraising

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