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If you’re looking for a great summer fundraising idea than look no further than a car wash fundraiser. A Car wash fundraiser is a great fundraising idea for high school football teams, cheerleading squads, youth sports leagues, church fundraisers and more. This article will give some tips on having a successful car wash as well as things to avoid. Before we get started, go ahead and click on the image below to get your free sample of the most popular fundraisers from ABC Fundraising®

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When planning a car wash fundraiser it’s essential to keep a few things in mind for your fundraising event to be a huge success. Below are some tips for a successful car wash fundraiser:

1. Plan your car wash fundraiser carefully.

When planning your car wash fundraiser be sure to pick a day and time that does not conflict with another popular local or even nationwide event. For example: don’t have your car wash on a holiday weekend like 4th of July because a lot of people may be out of town.  Have your car wash fundraiser on the weekend before or after the holiday weekend. Check to see if any local events are taking place like a local parade or a farmers market. If you see that there is a farmers market happening it is a good idea to try to have your car wash near the event because there will be a lot of traffic which brings us to tip #2.

2. Location, Location, Location

Perhaps the most important aspect of a successful car wash fundraiser is having it in a well traveled location. You will want to pick a parking lot on off a main road. When you choose a location this should be the #1 decision in your discussions. If you choose a great location it is also important to have group members who are willing to hold up signs on the street to lure your customers in. This brings us to tip #3

3. Promotion and Marketing of your Car Wash Fundraiser

Be sure to make great fliers and the more colorful the better. Hang them on telephone poles and place them in areas that are highly traveled like supermarkets, 7-11s, the local mall and so on. You car wash will not be successful unless people know that you are having a car wash fundraiser. Make sure that your fliers tell people what the fundraiser is for so that they are more likely to help support your great charity or non profit organization fundraising cause.

4. Be Loud at your car wash fundraiser

Nothing attracts attention like a lot of noise. If you want people to notice your car wash fundraiser than you need to have your group members be as loud as they can. You could have cheerleaders or other people cheering for you car wash fundraiser to attract people driving by with their windows down who will likely look over to see what all the fuss is about. You could get a bull horn and announce the car wash fundraiser to all the cars that pass by.

These are just a few of the many tips to having a successful fundraiser. If you need other great and easy fundraising ideas click the image below for a free sample of the best easy fundraisers from ABC Fundraising®!

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