Candy Fundraising

Candy Fundraising Is Not the most popular fundraising idea anymore!

If you are considering candy fundraising for your group’s upcoming fundraiser, read this article.

When we asked groups which fundraiser was their easiest, once upon a time the answer was “candy fundraising”. Now, when we ask the same question – often groups will say that candy fundraising is easy but that they don’t make much money doing it. Candy fundraising is no longer a favorite with most groups. In addition to the slim profit margins forcing your group to sell tons of candy to make the profits you need, many people are trying to stay away from unhealthy candy and offer fundraising that does more than add empty random calories to their supporters’ waistlines. Many people are bored of candy fundraising also and run the other way when they see those same bars of chocolate or sugary sweets emerge. Instead of candy fundraising, why not consider a fundraising campaign that makes your group lots of money and saves your supporters lots of money?

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Here are our three top fundraisers to consider as alternatives to candy fundraising.

Spinners Fundraising

Consider ABC Fundraising’s exclusive and highly profitable spinners fundraiser. A Spinners fundraiser is a great option for you if you want something easy, something affordable for our supporters and something of value for your supporters. Unlike candy fundraising, Spinners are a green fundraiser that can be re-used year after year simply by getting replacement coupons. They can raise an unlimited amount of money in the hands of your motivated fundraising team members.  Each member takes their spinner to friends, family and neighbors. The supporters are asked to spin the wheel twice and donate the shown amount. Donation ranges are low, generally about $3-6. In exchange for the small donation, each supporter gets a valuable sheet of coupons from our national sponsors like Pizza Hut, Church’s, Target Photo and more. Your supporters save money, and your group makes money.

Discount Card Fundraising

Another alternative to candy fundraising is a discount card fundraiser. Discount card fundraising is quickly becoming one of our most popular fundraising programs. Discount cards are plastic and the same size and shape as a credit card and can be used by your supporters over and over for a whole year so they offer a really great value. Discount card fundraisers are now as easy as candy fundraising because ABC Fundraising will do the work of securing local sponsors for your discount card so you don’t have to.  Discount cards are easy to sell because the merchants are in your area they can be used again and again for a year of savings.

Scratch Card Fundraising

Our highly profitable scratch card fundraiser, the Scratch and Help Fundraiser has helped thousands of groups avoid candy fundraising and raise tons of money for their groups. You can raise all the money you need and it won’t cost your supporters a fortune. In exchange for their small donations from your scratch card, donors receive a sheet of valuable coupons from our national sponsors. Scratch & Help fundraisers are highly profitable as you can see from our scratch card profit chart.

So, when considering a candy fundraising campaign – get it a second thought and opt to save your supporters money instead of selling them tired candy that does little for their health and doesn’t offer your group the profit potential you need for a truly effortless fundraiser.

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