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Candle Fundraiser How to Make Your Candle Fundraiser Super Profitable 

Candle fundraisers are a great fundraising idea for groups that are tired of selling cookie dough, candy, popcorn and other fattening snacks and goodies. If you need to raise money for your group, consider a candle fundraiser. Most people enjoy candles year round. Different scents, colors and styles make candles a great personal addition to add warmth to any home or office. A candle fundraiser is especially terrific around the holidays but any time of year can be a good time to sell candles if you keep a few tips in mind.

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Here are some tips to make your candle fundraiser a profitable one.

Choose the right candle fundraising company.

Make sure you choose a candle company with candles that offer scents you think your group, friends and family will like. During the autumn and winter holiday seasons, make sure that the company offers scented holiday candles: peppermint, pumpkin pie, caramel, fir, or baked cookies are all great options. Look for high quality candles that are beautiful and have long burn times. You want your customers to be happy with your candle fundraiser so they will look forward to it next year. Consider the profit potential with each candle fundraiser company you look at. Find the candle company that offers a great value, a terrific product, good prices and excellent potential profit.

Motivate your group to be a winning sales force.

Encourage your group members to share your candle fundraiser brochure with as many people as possible. Even people that they think may not be interested –neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members, and acquaintances may surprise you and be excited about purchasing lovely candles from your candle fundraiser. Have group members remind supporters that candles are great to have on hand for spur of the moment gifts or for prizes and wedding or baby showers. Candles are a universal gift that can be given and received year-round.

A great way to motivate your group during your candle fundraiser is to offer a prize to the top seller. If the whole group rallies together and meets the fundraising goals you have set, consider hosting a party to celebrate the success. Let the group know in advance what your candle fundraiser goals are and the rewards if the goals are met.

Track your candle fundraiser progress with a fundraising thermometer.

A great way to keep track of your fundraiser is with a fundraising thermometer. Check out ABC Fundraising’s FREE Fundraising thermometer  for your candle fundraiser. Whatever your candle fundraiser goal, stick to it, encourage, and offer support to help all members reach their goals. For even greater effect, post your group’s fundraising thermometer on the group’s Facebook page so that everyone can see when the thermometer’s temperature is rising – meaning your group is raising more money!

Focus on 100% participation!

The most successful candle fundraiser will be one where you have 100% participation. The determining factor between groups who reach their fundraising goals and those that do not is based on participation. In groups where every member does their part and approaches people they know to sell their products, success is achieved. If people don’t participate, your candle fundraiser will not be as successful.

Plan. Organize. Set Goals. Have a timeline. Encourage. Have Fun.

Most important to your success is to plan your candle fundraiser, organize your group so they are aware of the fundraising goals and timelines and encourage your group to have fun and make money. You want your candle fundraiser to be a positive experience for the group members, and your supporters so that your future fundraising efforts will be welcomed. Want more profit? Run another order taking fundraiser with your Candle Fundraiser

Finally, don’t hesitate to run another fundraiser simultaneously with your candle fundraiser for additional profits. You can easily offer other products like Auntie Anne’s pretzels, or cookie dough, or movie tickets when you and your members are selling candles. ABC Fundraising offers all of these highly profitable fundraisers in one place so it’s easy and effortless for you and your group.

No matter what you do, the key to your fundraising success is to inspire your group to make this candle fundraiser your most successful and profitable ever.

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