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Cancer Fundraising: Ideas for your Cancer Fundraiser

If you are looking for ideas and tips for cancer fundraising, read this article. Cancer fundraising is ongoing, and it is important to stay vigilant in your efforts. Cancer fundraising is gaining supporters as more and more people’s lives are touched by cancer. Everyone knows someone who has dealt with cancer on some level – either battled cancer, or is currently battling cancer or has a parent or child touched by it.

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When cancer fundraising, it is important to share strength and far-reaching message with your supporters – remind them of how cancer effects all of us and how their support can help raise awareness and money for this much needed cause.

When cancer fundraising, you have many options depending on your fundraising group, your area, your timeline, your budget, and your fundraising goals. If you are a small group, doing cancer fundraising for an individual or a community cancer fund – you may want to consider an easy to start, easy to execute fundraiser that doesn’t require full time organizers.

Here are some great options to consider for your cancer fundraising campaign.

A discount card fundraiser` is a fantastic option that is easy to do and that is easy for your supporters and donors to purchase. ABC Fundraising has recently taken the effort out of the discount card fundraiser. All you have to do, is fill out a merchant wish list with a list of your local businesses that you would like to see on your card, and ABC will secure merchants for your cancer fundraising discount cards.

Make sure to list as many mom and pop businesses as you can think of, these businesses are often very generous in their support and they will be rewarded when your supporters use the discount card and patronize their businesses. It’s great to be able to offer something valuable to your supporters. A discount card is something they can use for a whole year to save money at various local businesses. It will have your logo or name to remind them of your cancer fundraising organization every time they pull the credit card sized plastic card from their wallet. If you want to really make a huge profit, sell your discount cards at a local event where you think people who care about your cause will be – you could sell out of all of your cards in just a few hours. You can always order more discount cards to raise more money with your cancer fundraising campaign.

You may also consider selling food items that people like for your cancer fundraising. A bake sale with beautifully decorated or delicious treats is a good way to start raising money with very little start up cost. You could also consider a cookie dough fundraiser. Cookie dough fundraisers are very popular year round and a good value for your supporters who are short on time but love to have freshly baked sweets in the house. You can start a cookie dough fundraiser right away. Simply print out the cookie dough order forms and start contacting your supporters. The more cookie dough you sell, the more money you make for your cancer fundraising campaign.

If you do have an organization with the man-power or woman-power to manage an event, event fundraisers can be great for cancer fundraising. From something low-key like a Chili Cook-Off to a fancy gala reception – the possibilities are limited only by your budget and imagination. It is important to have people to delegate various tasks to in this type of cancer fundraising. Publicity, location, food, drink, invitations, decorations, donors, entertainment and more all must be well-managed for your cancer fundraising event to be successful.

If you need some more cancer fundraising ideas, please continue to browse our site, or click here.

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