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Alumni Fundraising

Alumni Fundraising – Great Ideas for your Alumni Fundraiser

If you are looking for ideas for your alumni fundraising, check out this fundraising idea.

When alumni fundraising, the goal is to generate as much money as possible from your alumni and supporters while still offering them something of value. Here are two different alumni fundraising ideas depending on your circumstances.

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If you are raising money for your alma matter in your own community for an event, a reunion, or general funds for the alumni and the fundraiser will be organized and executed in the area of your school – consider a discount card fundraiser. In this situation, you will not be soliciting donations from out-of-area alumni but will do your alumni fundraising in the community that supports and is supported by your school or university.

A discount card fundraiser is excellent as it offers your supporters money savings for a whole year at local businesses in your area. Alumni fundraising has never been easier. All you need to do is fill out a merchant wish list and ABC Fundraising does the work of contacting your local businesses for you. ABC will secure 15 great merchants in your area who will offer a discount available for a year to your supporters. To get the best results, ABC recommends listing as many local mom and pop businesses in the area of your school or university as possible. These local businesses are the lifeblood of your community and tend to generously support the school and alumni fundraising. They know that your school supports them throughout the years and appreciate the patronage.

Discount cards are convenient for your supporters to carry around in a wallet. The discount card has your alumni logo, is plastic, the size and shape of a credit card and best of all –it’s a huge money saver.

When your discount cards arrive, you can sell them at university games or events, through an alumni fundraising website page, to friends, co-workers and in front of markets, coffee shops or sporting events in the town where your school or university is based. Most people feel a connection to the alumni and the school and are happy to purchase the discount cards to support the alumni fundraising and for the great value it offers.

Now, another option for alumni fundraising outside of simply asking your alumni members for donations is to host an event fundraiser. You can host something fancy such as a gala dinner, an art auction, a wine and cheese tasting event or glitzy Casino night. You could also make your alumni fundraising event more low-key such as a jog-a-thon, a grilled cheese cook-off, a raffle, a silent auction or bazaar. Make sure that you have a good team of people to delegate to if planning an event fundraiser. There will be many aspects to manage to successfully execute alumni fundraising through events. You can invite both alumni and community members to support your fundraiser.

Whether you decide to host an event or sell a fundraising product, make sure to be organized, set a timeline, engage your supporters, motivate your members and set money raising goals. Encourage your supporters and alumni to be generous. Determine how much money you need to raise with your alumni fundraising and set smaller goals leading up to your ultimate alumni fundraising goal.

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