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High Profit      Entertainment CardFree Fundraiser Sample Kit

The Entertainment® Card
The #1 Nationwide Discount Card In The USA!

Entertainment Card Digital

To See The Deals For Your Area Visit: and Share Your Location is for informational purposes only and does not contain Live/Redeemable offers. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Entertainment® Card Fundraiser is the newest and most exciting way to raise money for your school, church, sports team, or non-profit! With over 50 YEARS OF SUCCESS, Entertainment® is taking fundraising into the future with the Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership

Do you remember the Entertainment® Coupon Book? It's the most successful coupon book ever created! Groups raise millions each year selling Entertainment® books even though the coupons are only good in one geographic area. That means if Grandma wanted the coupon book for Miami, FL and your group was selling the book for New York you'd lose out on that sale. Well those days are officially over!


The Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership is like having every Entertainment® book in the country all in one place. There's an app for your smartphone and a website to access if you don't have a smartphone or prefer using the computer.

Travelling? The Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership can be used anywhere in the US! It's your discount coupon companion! Just open the app and the built in Geo-Locator instantly finds the offers in your area!

To See The Deals For Your Area Visit: and Share Your Location is for informational purposes only and does not contain Live/Redeemable offers. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

How The Entertainment® Card Fundraiser Works:

   1. Place An Order For Your Entertainment® Cards Through ABC Fundraising®

       There Are TWO Ways To Run This Fundraiser:

       Option A (Cards In Hand) Purchase your cards up-front at a huge discount to sell directly to your supporters.
       Cards sell for $20 each but you can purchase them for as little as $9 each.
       See profit chart below for full details.
       To Order Call ABC Fundraising® at 888.212.1344 or use the Paypal® button at the bottom of this page.

       Option B (Order-Taker Fundraiser) To run your fundraiser as an "order-taker fundraiser" simply print out the        order-taker forms at the bottom of this page and hand them out to your group members. Your group members will then         take orders for the cards at $20 each. At the end of the fundraiser you will simply call
       ABC Fundraising® to purchase the cards at your discounted price. The rest of the money is yours to keep!
       ABC Fundraising® will then mail you the cards to distribute to the people who placed orders for them.
       Your cost will depend on the amount sold. See the profit chart below for details.

       Feel free to combine Option A and B so you have some cards on hand to show your supporters when taking        orders for the cards.

   2. Supporters Activate Their Membership Online
       Supporters simply follow the instructions on the Entertainment® card to register and download the        Entertainment® Mobile App. Supporters can use the Entertainment® website to print out coupons if they dont        have a smartphone, iPad or Tablet.
       Supporters will have a 12 Month Digital Membership from the day they activate their card.

      VIDEO: How The Entertainment® Mobile App Works:

Here's What Happens After A Supporter Purchases The Entertainment® Card

Entertainment Card Digital

The Entertainment® Card Fundraiser At A Glance

  • Entertainment® Cards Sell For $20.00 Each
  • Earn Up To 75% Profit with our Profit Booster Program!
  • No Minimum Order Size!
  • No Money Up Front Needed To Start!
  • Your Supporters Save Thousands Of $$$ Across The USA!
  • Entertainment® Cards Are The Perfect Gift Idea!
  • Tons of "Buy One Get One Free" and 50% off Savings Online or on Your Phone!
  • Sell Your Cards To Friends & Family Anywhere In The Country!
  • Membership is Good For 1 Full Year From Activation!
  • SEE OFFERS IN YOUR AREA (For informational purposes only - offers can't be redeemed)

Entertainment® Card Profit Chart

Entertainment Card Digital


"Cards In Hand"

Cards will be mailed to you so you can sell them directly to your supporters.

The option below is for payment with PayPal® - You do not need to have a PayPal® account. PayPal® accepts all major credit cards.

*Please call 888.212.1344 for orders of 200 or more

# of Entertainment® Cards (no minimum)


If you prefer to pay by phone please Call ABC Fundraising® at 1.888.212.1344.

OPTION B: Run An Order-Taker Fundraiser - NO MONEY UP-FRONT!

To run this fundraiser as an "order-taker" fundraiser, simply print out the Order-Taker Forms at the link below and hand them out to your group members. When your fundraiser is complete simply call ABC Fundraising® to place your order. ABC Fundraising® will ship you the cards to hand out to everyone who purchased them. Your cost will depend on the amount sold. See the profit chart above for details.

To Download The Entertainment® Card
Order-Taker Forms


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*See profit chart for full details.