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Basketball Fundraiser Basketball Fundraiser

Basketball Fundraiser


Youth Basketball Fundraisers
Are you trying to find the best Basketball Fundraisers for you youth league or team?
Since 1993 ABC Fundraising® has been providing the most profitable Basketball Fundraisers with up to 97% Profit & No Money Up Front!

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Youth basketball teams and leagues are always on the hunt for new unique fundraising ideas to help them raise money. Teams that make it to the tournaments need to raise lots of money to support the trips which often take them accross state or even cross-country. There are also constant improvements being made to high school basketball locker rooms, baskeball courts etc. To raise the amount of money needed to support a team or league, coaches have been turning to ABC Fundraising® for over 2 decades.

ABC Fundraising® is constantly evaluating the new products that come on the market to help teams raise money. When a new idea that offers a high profit potential comes accross our desk we test it out with a few teams and if we discover that it is successful we quickly add it to our growing list of basketball fundraising ideas. Recently, ABC Fundraising® added The Entertainment® Card Fundraiser because of its outstanding success in several inner cities as well as large metropolitan areas. A few groups raised over $5000 in as little as 2 weeks!
If your basketball team is looking to raise anywhere from $500 to $20,000 or more you can rest assured that you will be able to find a fundraising product that meets the specifc needs of your community.

Some great ideas for basketball teams are selling cookie dough, candy bars, scratch cards, discount cards and candles. Some teams like to do car washes, bake sales and rummage sales. Another good idea is to see if a local pizza place will allow you to hold a fundraiser where a portion of the procedes goes to your team or sports league. You may even want to combine this type of fundraiser with one of our more popular products like Scratch & Help® or Spinners®.

Picking the right Basketball Fundraiser isn't always easy. It's important to be sure that the fundraiser you choose is a product that is successful for your area. There are a few things to consider when choosing a basketball fund raiser including selling price and potential profit. However, the most important thing to remember is that no mater what fundraiser you choose be sure to keep your group motivated and remember to
Have Fun!

The Top 3 High Profit fundraisers for basketball teams are the following:

1. Scratch & Help® - Up To 90% Profit!

2. The Discount Card Fundraiser - Up To 93% Profit!

3. Spinners® - Up To 97% Profit!

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Since 1993 ABC Fundraising® has been providing
The Most Profitable Basketball Fundraisers - Guaranteed!


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"The easiest fundraiser we've ever done!  With 40 kids fundraising we raised over $3,200 in under 2 weeks! Thanks ABC Fundraising! You guys have the best fundraisers!"

Tim Lenderman - Head Coach
Hollywood High School Football

Since 1993 ABC Fundraising has been providing Basketball Fundraisers, Call 1-888-212-1344 to speak to a Basketball Fundraiser consultant. We can answer your questions from 9am-8pm est.

After hours we can take message for a fundraising representative to return your call the next business day. For the most profitable Basketball Fundraising ideas, remember ABC Fundraising®!

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ABC Fundraising® is looking for distributors in your area. Work from home and earn up to $5,000 per month!
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