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Looking For Church Fundraisers? Since 1993 ABC Fundraising Has Been America’s #1 Church Fundraiser! Remember To Request A FREE SAMPLE!

For the past several years there has been an increasing need for highly profitable Church Fundraisers. Picking the right Church Fundraising Idea isn't always easy. It's important to be sure that the church fund raiser you choose will be successful for your area. There are a few things to consider when choosing a fund raiser including price and potential profit. However, the most important thing to remember is that no mater what fundraiser you choose be sure to keep your group motivated and remember to
Have Fun!

Since 1993 ABC Fundraising has been providing
The Most Profitable Church Fund Raisers - Guaranteed!

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"The easiest Church Fundraiser we've ever done!  With 40 kids fundraising we raised over $3,200 in under 2 weeks! Thanks ABC Fundraising! You guys have the best fundraisers!"

Tim Lenderman - Head Coach
Hollywood High School Football

Since 1993 ABC Fundraising has been providing Church Fundraisers, Call 1-888-212-1344 to speak to a Church Fundraising consultant. We can answer your Church Fund Raiser questions from 9am-8pm est.

After hours we can take message for a fundraising representative to return your call the next business day. For the most profitable Church Fundraisers and fundraising ideas remember ABC Fundraising! Abc Fundraising® has helped churches raise millions of dollars since 1993! We can help your church raise money faster and easier than any other church fundraising company. We specialize in Church fundraising products that offer the highest profit in the fundraising industry. Church Youth Groups who are planning to fundraiser should consider using the Spinners® fundraiser for their next church fundraising event!

Here's a great article about Church Fundraising during a recession:

Just because the economy looks gloomy, doesn't mean your church fundraising efforts have to be. What a great time to do a fun, positive and uplifting fundraiser that brings joy to people and brings profits to your church group.

Among your church group, gather people together to find who wants to sing for their supper, or really sing to support your group. Some members of the church will be comfortable singing solo, others will want to sing as a group.

For your singing telegram week, you'll want to get all of the soloists, duets, trios and groups who want to sing ready to make people in the community happy.

Before your singing telegram surprise week, generate a lot of interest by spreading the word about your church fund raising event. You will want to have a booth set up and a phone number and email that people can use to arrange to send a special surprise singing telegram to a friend or loved one. You should have about 10 different types of songs or messages available. Some can be holiday songs if the holidays are near. Some could be love songs, songs of encouragement, friendship, anything goes.

Anyone who wants to sign up to have a singing telegram visitor go to their loved ones homes can sign up and donate to your church group. You can set the price for each visit, or if you prefer, you can let people choose their own donation and have a suggested donation. People will pay in advance and at the time/date of their choosing, their loved one or friend will get a great surprise at their door. One, two or a group of singers will sing for recipient. It's up to the giver if they want to reveal their identity to the recipient.

Your church group will get to receive the joy of seeing the happy faces of the recipients of the singing telegrams in addition to the money raised for your church activities.

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