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The ABC FUNDRAISING® Hotel Savings Cash Card is backed by over 19,000 brand name hotels and resorts who have come together to create the largest fundraiser program ever offered. These brand name hotels and resorts are offering pricing never offered to the public. This pricing is for donors only. Never before has a product this strong been offered to solicit a $20 donation from family, friends and neighbors.

Our sponsor hotel pricing starts at the same price as, or any of the major online discount travel sites would charge, however you then deduct your Hotel Savings Cash to get your bottom line price which is GUARANTEED to be less. The amount of Hotel Savings Cash displayed and deducted from the price will equal an amount of real cash savings to supporters.
Your supporter donates $20 and saves $200!!

A few of our hotel sponsors include: Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Holiday Inn, Westin, Ramada, Hilton, Best Western, Radisson, Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Howard Johnson, Quality Inn, Holiday Inn Express, La Quinta, Sheraton, Travel Lodge, W Hotels, Crown Plaza, Wyndham, Hyatt, Omni, and Independents like Bellagio, Caesars, MGM, Hard Rock plus many other popular hotels.


The card is printed on a 7” by 3.5” UV coated card stock. Each card contains the information which explains the program, the website address for registering the card and booking the reservation along with the Personal Access Code which is located on the back of the card under a scratch panel.

Using the Hotel Savings Cash Card to raise funds is as simple as giving it to your supporters when they donate $20 to your organization; the $200 of Savings Cash can be used immediately after the donation is made.

Cards can be ordered in any quantity which meets the sales expectations of your group. The minimum order is 25 cards. The more you buy, the more you make from the sale of each card.

All orders require a small refundable deposit of $1.00 per card.


  Call ABC Fundraising® at 888.212.1344.

  Pay a $1 per card deposit over the phone with a credit card, check by phone or by mailing a check.

   Receive your cards within 7 Days!

Run Your Fundraiser for 2-3 weeks then simply return the unused cards within 30 days of delivery for full refund of your deposit. Pay only for the cards you have sold.

The Minimum Order Is Only 25 cards and you get 5 FREE with your Order for a total of 30 Cards!


Our pricing is based on the quantity of cards you purchase at one time. The quantity of cards you purchase also determines how much profit your fundraiser will make per card. See the profit chart below for details:

The more you buy, the more you make!


Sample Savings:


Does it cost anything to use Hotel Savings Cash Cards as a fundraiser?
No. There is no set up fee and no cost to implement the program. Simply pick the number cards you think you can sell and pay a refundable $1.00 per card deposit.

How much do we make selling the cards?
Cards sell for $20 and you earn 55% to 72% Profit!

How long does it take to get the cards?
1 week or less.

How many do we have to order?
The minimum is 25 cards and you still get 5 free cards with that amount.

Are the hotel deals real?
Yes! Prices are less than Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz or even what the hotel itself charges! Since there was a donation involved the donors will pay an average of 33% less than anywhere else.

How is it possible to have all these deals on brand name hotels?
Because our supplier is the leader in rewards programs and they created an opportunity for us with their hotel and resort partners. It is truly the greatest hotel deal anywhere.

There are hundreds of card programs out there, why are you different?
Most card programs work on 10% or less off the hotel rack rate. They advertise 50% savings, but that is only for one or two deals. Our average is 33% with up to 60% off and sometimes even more than that.

What if the cards don’t sell?
If you do not sell them, simply return the unused cards within 30 days of delivery for a complete refund of your deposit. Pay only for the cards that you sell.

What is the best way to sell the cards?
Depending on who you are will make a difference on how to sell them. If you are a school or sports league you can sell them to the parents, friends, family, and neighbors. If you are a church or charity you can send emails and flyers to your patrons to make sure they know about your fundraiser and how to get the cards. The cards can be sold at an actual fundraising event or at Sports games etc.

Are the savings instant?
Yes, once the donor gives you $20 they get the card with a URL and PIN and go there to register their Savings Cash. They create a user name and password and can login ASAP. They can book hotels instantly, so the savings are instant.

How long is the $200 in discounted hotel deals good for?
The deals are good for 1 year from activation of the PIN code.

What if they are not traveling anytime soon?
They can use the Savings Cash for much more than hotels such as rental cars, gift cards from retailers, thousands of products from jewelry to software, magazine subscriptions, entertainment venues, restaurant certificates, and so much more. When they login to the travel site they will be able to choose which category to apply the cash savings to. We chose to promote this as a hotel savings card but in reality there are many more items that donors can apply their cash savings to.

Is the pricing on the other deals as good as hotels?
Yes, sometimes better, in some cases as much as 80% off and in some cases you only pay shipping and the item can be totally paid for using savings cash.

What is the best feature of the Hotel Savings Cash Program?
The best part is that you make a minimum of 55% of the sale and the donor gets a 10 for 1 savings on their donation. How does it get any better?

Can I get a sample card?
Since the cards have a unique PIN code on them, which when activated is worth $200, we cannot give out samples at this time. If you are interested in selling the Hotel Savings Cash Card as a fundraiser, then we suggest ordering the minimum of 25 cards for a refundable $25 deposit.

How does the hotel know how to use the Savings Cash?
We have arrangements with 19,000 plus hotels and have them on an easy to use website. You find the hotel and pay the balance after using your Savings Cash right there online. You print the receipt and use it to check in just as if you booked at or Expedia, only you pay less.

What if there are any problems at check in?
We have 24/7 customer service and the number is on the receipt for the hotel staff to call. Any problems will be handled in a professional and courteous manner.


To Order Please Call 888.212.1344












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Business Opportunity
ABC Fundraising® is looking for distributors in your area. Work from home and earn up to $5,000 per month!
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