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Every week there are actually scores of new products coming into the marketplace. While the majority are re-hashes and 2nd rate wanabees, some can be useful and worthwhile. A very good indicator of which ones are better is high user acceptance coupled with low refund rates. A relative newcomer to the fundraising world of Relay For Life Fundraising is the scratch card fundraiser called Scratch & Help.

Before we begin explaining the benefits of the Scratch & Help Fundraiser, go ahead and click the image below to request a sample of the relay for life fundraising ideas from ABC Fundraising.

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The developer for this useful solution is ABC Fundraising. What The Scratch & Help fundraiser for Relay For Life Fundraising does for its growing client base is helps you earn the large amount of money necessary for the Relay for life fundraiser.

3 unique elements distinguish The Scratch & Help Fundraiser by ABC Fundraising as a great fundraising idea for Relay for life teams. Those 3 exceptional, distinguishing features are The easy of use of the Scratch and Help Fundraiser, the large amount of money the Scratch and Help Fundraiser raises and the great national coupons that people receive as a thank you for donating to your relay for life fundraiser . Let’s discuss every one of those characteristics, in turn.

1. The Scratch & Help Fundraiser is so easy to use for Relay for Life fundraising. Each booklet raises $100 so depending on how much you need to raise for your particular relay for life fundraiser you have a good idea how many you need. You will simply ask your friends, neighbors, relatives and local business owners to scratch off 2 circles and donate the uncovered amount. In return for the donation, you will give the donor a sheet of 10 valuable coupons from national franchises like Pizza Hut, Jiffy Lube Target and more.

2. As far as fundraisers for Relay for Life teams go the Scratch & Help Fundraiser raises more money by far than the other types. For instance it you would need to sell hundreds of tubs of cookie dough to equal the money you can raise for your relay for life team with 1 Scratch and Help Card.

3. As we touched upon in #1, the coupons provided in the Scratch & Help Fundraiser are great. For instance there is a Pizza Hut Coupon, a Target Coupon, A Sonic Burger Coupon, A Jiffy Lube Coupon. There are many more and you can even have your coupons customized by using our LOCAL MERCHANT AGREEMENT

As you can see ABC Fundraising can certainly help your relay for life team earn a lot of money. 99% of the fundraising ideas provided by ABC Fundraising come with a no money up front option. With our experience we have definitely found that the best fundraising idea for relay for life teams is the Scratch & Help Fundraiser.

All-in-all, ABC Fundraising has worked with hundreds of relay for life students who need to raise money. We have helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for relay for life teams all across the US. Basically, ABC Fundraising has an especially good product with a lot of unique excellent features. It is worth your time to have a closer look at it, maybe give it a try. You can find full details at the Relay For Life Fundraising Page set up at: Scratch & Help

Relay For Life Fundraiser

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